Embrace Your Syle

A moment that arrived in my life when I realized that I had been buried in diapers and sippy cups so long that I didn’t know what was fashionable anymore. I was a busy mom of four toddlers and spent my days shoveling cheerios and corralling the zoo. I really had no time for fashion nor did my tired brain care to think about it. But, there I was, sitting in a mom’s meeting listening to a hair designer talk about what was in and what was out. Now, I have never been a total fashoinista, but I suddenly knew that what I had going on, was definitely O.U.T. out! Somehow while I was busy finding lost pacifiers and finding good deals on diapers, the world have moved on without me. I decided I needed to take action before I became lost in yesterdays style forever. Although mom duty called, I realized that I needed a minute to myself too.

A simple call to a well-known salon in the area began my return to what I would call the “real world”. A new hairstyle was in order! Funny thing was that I came to realize that my husband was stuck back in time as well. I arrived home proudly sporting my new messy styled du only to have him look astonished and say with a chuckle that it looked like I had slept in it! Coming from a guy wearing a 90’s Hydra-Color t-shirt, this didn’t faze me a bit and I returned the chuckle.

By the time the next mom’s meeting had come I was almost like a new person. I had learned to say goodbye to my 80’s black eyeliner, say hello to my newly crazy hair, and even took on a new set of stylish specks to replace my huge round spectacles that were once so cool. Looking back now, I don’t think it was that I felt bad about being out of style. I just didn’t feel good about being in style. As mom’s we get so busy meeting everyone else’s needs that we forget to take time for ourselves, and to embrace our own individual style that doesn’t feel so lost in the everyday “mommy-ness” of our life. The lesson I learned then was that it was okay for me to take a minute and allow myself to be not only the mom I was to be, but also to embrace the woman I was created to be as well.