A Trick Of The Mom Trade : Quick Dry Nail Polish

The next idea was to paint my nails before I went to bed. I would pop on my pj’s, brush my teeth, and climb into the bed. The result found me sitting on top of the covers patiently waiting for the polish to dry, or even better, waking up with sheet prints on my nails! This too ended up being ridiculous as now my nails had crazy lines all the time or ended up with the polish taken off before breakfast.

My final attempt to git-r-dun was a crazy success, and now that my kids are in their teens, I still do them this way today. First and foremost, quick dry nail polish has been and will forever be my hero! When the kids were small, I would strap everyone into their car seats, climb into the driver’s seat, buckle myself in, leave my door open, and paint my nails right there in the car. After a quick swipe with the polish I would shut the door and my freshly painted nails would be dry by the time we reached our destination! Problem solved!