Seafoam is the new color

Apparently, US Weekly thinks that Seafoam is the new universally flattering color.  I have to agree.  In the February 4th issue there is a beautiful spread of the Seafoam color.  The women in the article are Diane Kruger, Heidi Klum, Jessica Chastain, Rosario Dawson, Kaley Cuoco and Keira Knightly.  Their skin tones range from blonde with blue eyes to deep tawny brown with brown eyes and yet they are correct that the Seafoam looks great on everyone, especially the gingy Jessica Chastain.  Color plays a huge role in how someone is perceived by others according to John T. Molloy, author of “The Woman’s Dress for Success Book”.  His famous quote, “We have 20/20 vision when we look down the social scale but are myopic when we look up that same scale”, shows how important it is to be careful with how we dress and that includes color.

Toidy-Toid Street

John T. Molloy teaches that you can send signals that you belong or do not belong just by the colors and style of clothing you wear.  He also points out that you can become a leader visually just by adding a cardigan or jacket or lose that authority by trying to dress like a man would dress instead of dressing like a woman in authority.  John T. Molloy has discovered that colors give people impressions of you before you even get a chance to open your mouth.  For instance, never wear pastels, particularly pink or pale yellow or most shades of green if you wish to appear authoritative.  Never wear mustard yellow or bright warm tones, either for authority or job interviews and steer away from Seafoam for work clothing if you would like to get ahead in the office.

Colors can give the impression that you are lower class or upper class.  The stereotypical big city gal that was raised in, (ahem, Jersey) can give away their upbringing before they open their mouth by their jewelry or makeup, think JWoWW.  Rich colors send that signal, rich, such as Crimson, hunter green, gold, platinum, silver, jet black, etc…  These colors give people the idea that you were to the manor born.  (Funny, those are the colors in a Gucci Bag ad.)  Anyway, if you are looking for ways to help you get ahead in business, look for this book by John T. Molloy.

Election Fashion

Do you remember a few short years ago when everyone was ooohing and aaahing over Michelle Obama’s short sleeve fashion the same way old Italian women fawn over cannoli?  I do.  She was being held up as the new Jackie Kennedy simply because she was so fashion forward for bearing her upper arms (scandal).  Well, Michelle has done it again.  She has excited the media the way a burger excites a foodie.  Mrs. Obama has a new hairstyle!!!  Yes, news people everywhere have stopped relaying vital tidbits of political fodder for Michelle’s newest style change.  Actually, I am completely okay with it because for once everyone can all agree on something…Michelle’s hair looks GREAT!!!  Not that it didn’t before but it was just a timely and fashionable change.  Way to go, Michelle.  The country salutes you for your tireless journey of supporting the first man and doing it looking ab fab!


Recently, I toured the Smithsonian of Natural History.  I got to see lots of gemstones (Harry Winston had an expo) and one of the most unique exhibits was the First Ladies Gowns.  It’s interesting to see how each decade AND economic turn changed fashion.  I also thought it was silly to have Mrs. Reagan’s and Mrs. Obama’s gowns next to each other when there was such a size difference.  As much as I liked Reagan his wife was itty bitty and next to Mrs. Obama’s statuesque gown Nancy looked downright hobbit-ish.   I found it rude that whomever set up Mrs. Obama’s dress and shoes did not bother cleaning her shoes as her shoes looked as if someone with dirty feet had run around in them.  Just goes to prove the point that no matter who’s on first there’s no respect for them.


Did you know that Paris may set the fashion standard, but DC sets the fashion tone?  Paris may say this season everyone wears boots but DC will decide if they are flashy or somber?  Yes, the economic climate is usually directly influenced by DC.  Politicians will decide exactly how long your skirt will be this season.  If the economy rises so will your hem.  If the economy rises your hair will lighten.  The opposite is true if the economy goes down.  Bad economy, longer skirts and darker hair.  Gone are the highlights of a few years ago.  Everyone is bottle dyeing their hair or sporting the new ombre effect.  I think it signifies the uncertainty of our economy and the cornucopia in the not too distant past…or everyone is just plain tired of highlights.  But in the middle of all of this, we can all agree that Mrs. Obama’s new hairstyle looks great.



Low Heels and Clarks: A Journey

my heelsI was diagnosed with plantar fascia and could barely walk.  It was the weirdest thing ever, too.  I went from cycling everyday to not being able to get up and walk without pain.  I went from Dr to Dr because apparently, some Dr’s are nuts and others are just plain incompetent.  Do you know who healed my PF?  Not a Dr…a shoe store…yep.

Dr. Jekyl

My first podiatrist was very polite but wanted to cut the muscles in my feet to releive the pain in my feet…pass on that one.  I lived with immense pain for about six months buying shoe after shoe trying to find the softest most comfortable shoe made and under $100.  My feet grew worse and worse.  I bought flat shoes, Clarks (the one thing EVERY school marm has in common) and soft soled shoes.  My feet grew worse and worse and worse.

MR HYDE my ugly shoes

I found a neat store that  sold nothing but “healthy shoes”, think granola and hemp meets elderly Canadians.  The store had negative heel shoes, Birkenstocks and the sort.  They felt great but I was almost too embaressed to wear them.  I am a professional and I need to look like one and Birkenstocks as great as they feel do not give that impression.  Clarks scream education and negative heels …negative heels…no.


Do you know which shoes healed my plantar fascia?  The lowly flip flop and the glamorous stiletto.  I found the Zeeland flip flop.  If a Podiatrist could define evil it would be a flip flop, but the Zeeland company makes a flip flop with an ultra HARD arch.  It’s the hard arch that stretched my PF with every single step and within 5 days all my foot pain was gone.  I ditched all my flat shoes, all my soft arch shoes and all my kitten heels.  The odd thing was I could wear high heels all day long with no problem (high heels actually shorten the Plantar fascia which even though that’s not healthy, I can wear them all day without pain).  Once I get home from work I then don my Zeeland flip flops and it undoes the damage from the day.  I can actually walk around without shoes periodically without pain.  Something I never thought would happen again, seriously.  So, if you have plantar fascia check out some hard arches.  Try different things to see what works for you.

The Twighlight Trend

When the romantic fantasy movie “Twilight” hit the big screen in 2008, the battle between Team Edward and Team Jacob began, not only on screen, but in the homes of female persuasion everywhere. The romantic souls were drawn to Edward while others lusted after the oh-so-dashing Jacob. As the saga continued and its popularity grew, so did the choices in trinkets and treasures available for purchase bearing the beloved team names and faces. Before you knew it, Twilight merchandise on girls everywhere.

Now, I am all about movies and of course enjoy being on the trendy side of things, however, I was a bit shocked when an acquaintance of mine stopped by the house sporting a Team Edward t-shirt. The shirt proclaimed her love for Edward and had a nice sexy headshot of him sitting across her mommy boobs! Yes, I say mommy boobs because she is a mommy! She is also a wife and in her thirties! Um…yuck!

Why did this disturb me you ask? Am I not about what’s in style you might wonder? Yes, I truly am! But, when my brain computed that she was wearing a t-shirt that proclaimed her lust for a seventeen-year-old movie character, something made me nausea. When I asked her about it, I got an entire education on Team Edward, well, on Edward anyway. If a dad were roaming around town wearing a sexy picture of a teenage girl across his t-shirt proclaiming his lust for her, would he not be considered some kind of pig or child molester? Maybe I thought too far into it, but I think that teen crushes belong to teens, and not flashed across someone’s mommy boobies! Just saying…