Have you been to a thirty-one party?  No, not the party where you cry because someone just turned 31…the purse party!  I just went to my first 31 party and it was nice.  The 31 company is a bag and purse company started by a christian woman and it’s named for the Proverbs 31 in the Bible.  They carry all American-made bags and purses.  They have a plethra of patterns and styles and they make things other than purses such as duffles and rolling coolers.

I was given a 31 bag as a gift with my name monogramed across the front.  It’s super cute.  It’s something I would not have picked for myself but I really like it.

COBBLER, not peachy

I have a favorite pair of brown nubuck leather high heeled loafers.  I have had them for at least six years now.  They were expensive even then when I bought them..I paid about $90 for them.  They have held up very well over the years until two weeks ago when the seam on one of them split.  I was heart-broken.  I took them to the cobbler in our local mall and for $14 I had the shoes resoled and the seam glued.

They  looked almost new when I got the shoes back.  I was happy and wore them a couple of times since I picked them up.  (The cobbler even re-glued the insoles and nailed the bottoms back on pretty well, too).  I was so happy to get them back until last week when the other shoes’ seam split.  ugh.  I am not about to pay another $14 for the same cobbler to re-glue another seam that probably should have seen that seam getting weak.  Then, (I was stuck wearing the split seam shoes all day because I did not have a spare with me) without warning, the heel cap came off, too!!!  What to do, what to do!??!?!?!


I think I will just fix them myself this time.  I have fabric/leather glue and super glue.  How hard can it be??? (famous last words, eh?)

But what do these men think?  Are cobblers just like mechanics?  I bet if I had left that split seam alone and just wore the shoes anyway nothing else would have gone wrong.  I’ll keep you informed.


Yes, I went there.  I love me some Avon.  My mother always bought me Avon and gave me things on special occasions such as Easter.   My Easter basket would not just be filled with jelly beans, chocolate and Peeps, but Avon chapsticks and hand lotions.  I totally enjoyed using all the chapsticks and pretending like I was a teenager and bathing my hands, elbows and knees in the sweetly scented lotions.  My personal favorite was silicone glove by Avon…not for any other reason than my mother used it and it was always in her purse.  the chapsticks were a free for all.  I never met an Avon chapstick I didn’t like and I believe I even took a few bites out of some, too.


No, Avon lotion did not give me sticky fingers, but they did make my hands feel divine.  Avon actually has a Spring deal right now on these items.  For under $10 you can pick up 8, yes, 8 chapsticks and 4 hand lotions and 1 cute chubby nail file.  Now, the smart thing would be to give away two chapsticks and one lotion to each person/Easter basket and save the nail file for yourself.  But the personal favorite thing to do is give away one chapstick and one lotion to each person/Easter basket and pick your personal favorite chapstick for keeps (along with the nail file) and then off load the rest of the chapsticks to places like the center console of the car…one more to your office desk…another to your purse and the last one on your bathroom counter so after you brush your teeth you have a moment to put it on before bed.

The Most Glamorous Old Lady at the Carnival

My children attend a private school and you know what that means…it means I get the honor of spending one weekend a year at the school carnival working a food booth or beer truck.  This year I managed to wiggle out of the carni job and  got the spend the entire Carnival Weekend with my children when they weren’t too embarrassed to be seen with me.  At one point during the last day of the carnival I was walking with my oldest daughter when the church next door to the carnival let out.  It was a Polish service and all the old Polish men and women filed out of the church and a number of them came over to the carnival.  We noticed how well dressed all the old men were and how attractive all the old Polish women were (which is genetically unfair for us German-Americans because we look like hatless garden gnomes and they look like glamorous milk maids).

Well, my daughter and I were watching all the old people when we noticed one Polish woman stood out.  She was probably about 80 years old.  She was tall, well-dressed, very well shod, carried a fabulous bag and had great hair.  I would’ve been a wall flower next to her and I am much, much younger….much  younger.  She was dressed all in black.  She was wearing a velvet suit she probably acquired in the 80’s because it was a knee length full skirt with a peplum jacket with long puffed baby doll sleeves.  She had the fiercest shoes I have seen in a long time.  They were black lace booties with cut-outs on the back.  Very hard to describe but they were literally on trend and youthful yet she pulled it off.  She carried a black lady like bag and her crystal jewelry was very Old World gaudy which I adore.  She pulled it all off and as she walked by my teenage daughter said, “When I am old I will dress like that….actually I would wear that now”.  Too bad the mystery Polish lady did not hear my daughter because a compliment like that can feed an ego for years.  I did manage to squeeze off a quick photo for my daughter and we both laughed as we looked at it.  The photo was a bit “big foot-ish” in nature but I think you can appreciate it none the less.

I think I will look for a cute black suit with a peplum and puffy sleeves and of course I already own antique crystal necklaces that hit right about the level of the girls so I will do my best to pull together my version of the Polish Style.  I may post it…maybe not.  I don’t stand a chance against the Polish lady.