Vera Bradley

My daughter wants another Vera Bradley bag….you know those bags that look like your grandmother has bought them.  Ugh.  I mean each generation usually does or likes something that the prior generation just doesn’t get such as sour patch candies or booger flavored jelly beans, but I have drawn the line with Vera Bradley.  At least the booger jelly beans are cheap and you have to go to Islands of Adventure to get them..but Vera is not cheap and it matches nothing not even itself.  Plus, you can’t just go to any store to buy Vera.  You have to patronize some indie store that never has sales and is usually owned by some former Mrs. Someone.  Quite inconvenient if I have to say so myself and I left the country club to avoid those self important no ones…(actually, it was a yacht club and the food was and is horrid so it wasn’t hard to make the break.)

Plus, chintz is not pretty and Vera is pretty much all chinz.  I remember my grandmother used to have chinz fabric items in her house back in the day along with a porcelain poodle that stood about 3 feet high…but retro is different from tasteless even though Vera would beg to differ.  I was hoping my daughter would fall in love with other things like Hobo International or Louis Vuitton or heck even Guess.  How about a good coach knock-off or even just a JanSport Backpack?  I would pay for those items with relish but no, she wants Vera.  Maybe I should buy her a Vera and fill it with booger flavored jelly beans…or just blow my nose on it.

Nardo’s Naturals

Who doesn’t love a little greek…or a big greek for that matter?  Have you heard of Nardo’s Natural?  This is an all natural beauty company that runs from chap stick to lotions.  They have great fragrances and most of the products are made of coconut oil, olive oil and other products that grow freely in the Florida area.

They have a complete skincare program that is impeccable and the lotion is to die for.  The shea butter products melt into the skin and the sandalwood fragrances delight the nose, and the Nardo’s men aren’t hard on the eyes, either. Like I said before, who doesn’t like a greek?  Florida has a greek presence, they all migrated here turn of the last century to help farm the sponges off Tarpon Springs and they have been making us locals happy ever since.  Whether that is from the food or the attractive people it’s anyone’s guess but we Floridians love them…we have gladly accepted them and their great smelling products.  And now, you, too can have some greek in your home with Nardo’s Natural.


I was just at Tiffany’s the other day and was looking for a starter piece of jewelry for my teenage daughter.  I came across the “Return to Tiffany’s” sterling silver necklace and realized that everyone had one so I kept looking.  Granted, that particular necklace is usually the first good piece of jewelry a girl receives but I had already bought my girls pearls from Tiffany’s (now no longer in business Iridesse store) about five years ago.  I was thinking something less cliche’ and more fun.

I happened to have the stores’ manager waiting on me when I was at Tiffany’s and he let me play in all the fine jewelry and watches and when I brought up the fact that I wanted something fun, he showed me the double strand “Return to Tiffany’s” necklace.  It was perfect for my daughter.  It was delicate yet fun.  It was sterling, so I wouldn’t have a coronary if she lost it and it was truly Tiffany’s classic Americana Prep look without being overdone.  It’s fresh and youthful….I had not been to Tiffany’s in so long because they had been no longer fresh to me.  I think I will begin to frequent their establishment more often.

Needless to say, I think that my daughter will soon be sporting her new Tiffany’s necklace at graduation.  After all, Tiffany’s is where you go to commemorate life’s great moments.


As we all know, NARS, is an amazing makeup line made for women agse 21-50.  They were made famous by their blush line and the blush titled, “Orgasm” that apparently looked good on everyone.  I have actually tried the blush “Orgasm” and it really does look good on anyone and it does give a faint blush of pleasure to cheeks.  I am a fan.  I am also a fan of their lip gloss line that does every color from Kardashian nude glitter gloss all the way to thick vinyl red gloss.  NARS is genius when it comes to makeup for the young AND mature woman.  The bonus is that the makeup line can take makeup from classy elegance to bar hopping cougar/cougar cub easily…think of NARS as the little black dress of makeup.

NARS also has a mascara line to die for…everything from Audrey Hepburn ladylike lashes to Bridget Bardot harlot lashes….I am a mascara hooker therefore I adore the NARS  mascara products.  JC Penney now carries the NARS products because they have Sephora inside their stores as a boutique inside a store remodel.  It’s good stuff.