Give Me a Ring, Some Time

I just saw on Real Housewives of Orange County (yes, I am ashamed I watch that show) that one of the housewives has bought all of her engagement rings herself.  Not one ring she has had was given to her by her fiancee.   That has to be one of the saddest things I have ever heard in my life.  That’s not true.  I have heard of another woman doing that and she is in… just outside my social circle.  I kind of feel like you should wear the ring the guy can afford to give you or don’t marry the guy.  Maybe, if the man is not willing to buy you a ring and you feel the need to do it for him that he is not the guy for you.  You know if you do not want the ring he is giving you or you feel like it’s beneath you or he is not willing to buy you  a ring then you should move on.  Many women theses days do not feel the need to get married but feel the need to have a substantial rock on their hand so they buy a right hand ring.

A right hand ring is the official title for a ring that is bought by yourself, for yourself.  it’s the first piece of jewelry that is officially a piece that a woman does not need to get from an admirer.  She can be her own admirer.  Finally.


One thing people shouldn’t forget to address when it comes to fashion is breath.  Many a date, kiss and introduction was ruined by stale breath or even worse bad breath.  I am always on the hunt for good breath and all the little things that makes breath sweet and usually without much success.  But recently came across SmartMouth.  SmartMouth is the first product that actually gave me good breath for hours and actually counteracts morning breath as well.  It’s an amazing product.  It now also comes in portable pouches so you can be minty on the go.

Normally, SmartMouth comes in two separate pump bottles because the liquids cannot come in contact with each other until immediately before use.  So, you need to pump four pumps of each liquid into a tiny dispenser cup then rinse immediately.  Another product is a foam you spray directly on your tongue to encourage good bacteria to grow in your mouth and then it will  counteract bad breath…still using this to see if it works.  Ill let you know.

Peer Pressure

I am a big supporter of dressing as nicely as you can but for the first time I felt out of place with my wardrobe choice.  I was in DC and I obeyed all the clothing protocols except one…dress to NOT stand out.  See, I always dress up and that has never been a problem so far but when I went to a dinner with a Congressman (he shall remain unnamed) I dressed for the (Partisan) Club…which usually means dressing with heels, pearls and a smart frock but this dinner was honoring police officers and the dress code was jeans and a support shirt and I went against it…and paid the price.  I got very distrustful looks from most of the guests and I was uncomfortable to say the least.  I learned that I should’ve dressed the part or should have consulted other women who have attended this event before for advice.  Note to self:  dress to NOT stand out in Washington, DC.

Vacation Shoes

I recently went on vacation to DC.  It was great.  (I have posted all the photos on my facebook to prove the fabulocity of my trip).  One of the highlights was when I was given a 2-hour tour of the Capital building….and I wore heels.  Not the best of ideas but I am glad to say that I have a “political friend” who advised me to bring a bag everywhere I went in DC with sensible shoes, a nice scarf and a sweater.  Well, by the end of the first hour I grabbed the sensible shoes.  By the end of the second hour I needed to grab the sweater and by the time I left the dinner that night ( dinner with a well-known politician) I needed the scarf.  Thank goodness I had listened to my “political friend”…she really knew DC.  Travel light and dress in layers is the best advice ever. I had my American Eagle loafers, comfy sweater and head gear to keep my ears warm, sigh.