I Love the Dark

I have always been dark-haired.  But a few years ago I began highlighting my dark hair hoping to give myself a different look.  I really enjoyed my highlighted look but over time my hair could no longer take the double process color and I gave up highlighting all together.  I have always had porous hair and even before I began dying my hair I still lost color in the sun and with the highlighting it just got worse.

The day I decided to color my hair back to it’s natural dark brown I went to the beauty supply store and asked the lady to match a box color to my dark undergrowth.  She recommended a color, I bought it and went home.  I dyed my hair with the liquid chocolate color and voila, I loved the dark.

I looked younger instantly and my hair was thick and heavy.  I finally came clean with my hair dresser who also happens to be my best friend in the whole world and she loved it, too.  I am so glad to have gone back to my roots.  Now, she colors me dark and I’ve had fun finding different darks.  I have tried neutral dark brown, chocolate dark brown and even coffee dark brown.  Who said blondes have more fun?  Not true.


Thyroid Trouble

About one year after I had my third daughter I started gaining weight.  Not a few pounds but alot of weight.  I ended up gaining about 40lbs in about four months.  Then it slowed down but I stilled gained a total of 50lbs over the course of 8 months.  Now, to someone who had always been on the thinner and athletic side I was panicked.  I went from Dr to Dr to only be told to eat less and exercise more.  It was humiliating and discouraging.

I began to exhibit different symptoms as well like my nails were peeling, my hair was falling out and I was cold constantly.  I was irritable, fat and could not sleep.  I began to google my symptoms and discovered that I might have developed hypothyroidism.  So, I had my Dr run a thyroid panel and it came back negative and my “numbers were normal”.  I was discouraged.  I found a different Dr and told him my issues and asked if he’d monitor me on a diet and exercise regimen.  He agreed and for an entire year I ate right and exercised and gained weight.  At the end of the year my Dr looked at me and said, “I’ll tell you what, I am going to write you a script for synthroid.  Take it.  It’s the smallest dose.  It can’t hurt you only help you.  Let’s see what happens”.

I am still so thankful that he wrote me that script.  I have lost about 2olbs changing nothing.  I can get out of bed in the morning, my hair has stopped falling out and I feel normal again.  I am very glad I was my best advocate and did not give up.  You should not give up either.


DMAE is an amazing product.  Its celebrated as a product that not just helps you recover quicker from surgeries(in particular plastic surgery) but also helps turn back the clock.  The truth is I have also taken DMAE.  I loved loved loved the physical results, I had energy I was in good moods, and I slept very well.  The side affects I did not enjoy???

Massive headaches everyday within an hour of taking the pill.  Mind you this is a completely natural completely over the counter hormone that anyone can buy.  The theory is that the headache is from your brain trying to make new neuropathways.  Yes, you read that right.  The headaches actually go away after about a week and weren’t nearly as bad as the withdraw from DHEA (no relation).

The benefits are improved focus.  I experienced that.  Weight loss.  I experience a tad.  A more youthful appearance.  Yes, I really did experience that.  My hair actually got greasy within a few days of taking DMAE.  The lines around my eyes improved and my skin looked much more youthful because DMAE causes rapid cell renewal.  So, WHY did I stop taking DMAE???

The horrifically lucid dreams.  I simply could not take the dreams where people were killing me, my family, my dog.  The dreams of me being naked at work.  The dreams that woke me up sweating and heart racing with people breaking into my home.  I simply could not take the dreams anymore.  DMAE  will improve your sleep quality, your youthfulness, etc… but the brain making new neuropathways creates horrible horrible dreams that made me value the improved skin quality less than sleeping and not remembering a thing.  I think I chose aging over neuro improvement and beauty but hey, I value peaceful sleep.

The Youth Secret

Ever heard of DHEA???  That’s not DHA, but DHEA.  DHEA is a hormone precursor that will return your youth or so the Women to Women Healthcare states.  I have actually taken that product and it made me feel amazing.  Turned out that DHEA is a natural antidepressant.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Within a few moments of taking DHEA you will feel like there are no problems in the world..the only caution is that there are wicked withdraw symptoms.  Mood swings, anger, hairy chin.  So the idea is to get the right amount of the hormone and not an ounce more.

DHEA will help you recover quicker from exercise and will give you amazing endurance… which is why taking DHEA while being a professional athlete is called blood doping.  Like I stated before I have taken the drug myself and had amazing results but the jury is still out on what the long tern affects are.  I do know that my skin was amazing while I took it..but the  hairs that sprouted from my chin were not.  I also could not just quit taking it I had to wean off of it and it was a process that took months.

It’s up to you on what you put in your body.  I had to take DHEA when the Dr I was seeing refused to write me a script for my hypothyroidism.  Now that my DR (a new DR who is absolutely amazing) has prescribed levothyroxine I no longer need the DHEA.  But it was there when I needed it, thank goodness.  Stay tuned for the next beauty drug.