Hemorrhoidal Cream

Ok, so I had wicked sunburn and it I was worried it wouldn’t go away in time for my pictures.  Hemorrhoidal cream to the rescue.  Hemorrhoidal ointment or cream is perfect for things like sunburn or swollen delicate under eye skin.  It’s also great if you need to temporally shrink your waist (I’ll tell you how to later).  Hemorrhoidal cream has so many uses that it’s a good idea just to keep some on hand.

I learned from a pageant mom that if you need to shrink specific area to slather on hemorrhoidal cream (not ointment) all over the area in question, then generously wrap in saran wrap.  Either wear over night which is awful OR for about 8 hours and you will be inches smaller.  Try it.  The effect is only good for about 2 days tops but it works.

Thigh Control

I was at the Festival of States Parade in my hometown when I got the shock of my life.  The parade was at the part when the local high schools were proudly marching their …marching bands while displaying what their schools are known for as a sort of dancing synopsis of each school.  Well, true to form the prep school came by they were stuffy and lazy.  The main high schools came by and they had spirit, yes, they did.  And then the less affluent schools came by…namely my alma mater.  How embarrassing!!  A few of the dancers had on those sparkly shiny tights for dancing and a few had on thigh control hose.  They were smiling, dancing, and shaking it with the thigh control section of the hose about 8 inches exposed.  I was embarrassed.  The dancers did not seem so.


I have to say that pearls are the new herringbone chain.  Everyone wears them.  Remember in the mid to late 80’s everyone and their grandmother wore herringbone chains?  the trick was trying not to kink the herringbone chain?  Well, now pearls are what everyone wears….I have even seen a few teen boys wearing pearls…hopefully being funny.  I have seen thugs wearing pearl necklaces and pear studs, no lie.  But my favorite is a teenager-late teenage young lady with a pearl necklace in a princess length with matching pearl studs or diamond studs.  Not many things cuter than that.

Skull Candy

Skull Candy has some great new headphones out.  They are super cute headphones that are in various colors and designs that you can probably be able to match or coordinate any outfit you can think of.  They have headphones for exercise or headphones for just looking coool.  The choice is yours and the price is right.  You can buy multiples of the same headphones as gifts or you can buy a multitude of different styles for fun.

The headphones are not Bose quality but for the look and price, who cares?  They also come with two sets of ear fittings so that they are comfortable while you look stylish.