Dansko’s are Fabulous!!

Dansko’s are my favorite orthopedic shoes that do not look like orthopedic shoes.  They have a new line that is sparkly and fancy and fun.  I can wear them with jeans or capri’s and look totally trendy or I can wear them (the other less sparkly styles) with my scrubs and uniform and look professional.  Normally, it’s difficult to find them under $112.00 even on sale is difficult.  But I recently discovered that Dillard’s carries the Dansko line and they put them on sale regularly at $89.00!!!

I realized a long time ago that the store doesn’t say quality as much as the  brand says quality.  So, to me wherever I get the best price on the product that I love is where I will go.  Even though I found the Dansko line at the Orthopedic shoe store I will now watch Dillard’s for the sales on Dansko.  Why do I need to pay those exorbent prices for the same exact shoes?  Makes no sense to me.

Kohl’s Fashion Deals

Super trendy Kohl’s is sending out the Kohl’s cash of $10 for every $50 you spend.  The perfect deals to spend it on is the 60-80% off clearance sale going on right now.  This offer is only good until the end of August which means you need to move fast.  You can buy things for you and your teens with deals like this without any guilt of breaking your clothing budget.  It’s not easy to spend money on yourself, sometimes, and with a deal like this there should be absolutely no guilt at all.

Kohl’s also just opened up a new lingerie line with an adjustable bra.  Not the old-fashioned adjustable bra that adjusts at the straps but it adjusts your cleavage line.  For example, I am very petite and most bras have too much space between my breasts but the Kohl’s bra adjusts at the bustline to adjust how close or far apart you’d like your bosoms.  Now, that’s progress.

Vitamins for Beauty

The Vitamin Shoppe is giving out their $10 coupons for any purchase.  I say it’s a great time to spend that cash on some beauty vitamins such as DHEA or Chromium or Gelatin.  These vitamins help turn back the clock and also help prevent further damage to the skin and joints and encourage collagen growth both as the skin level and also deeper near muscles.

A little DHEA will increase libido and satisfied libido creates rosy cheeks and big smiles and what isn’t youthful about rosy cheeks and smiles?


Hemorrhoid Cream, Deux

Want a quick, easy and CHEAP alternative to under eye de-puffer cream that challenges even the most expensive brands?  You guessed it, hemrroid cream.  I know it sounds awful, and I know it sounds “unkosher”, but the truth is hemorrhoid cream works amazingly well.

I think you should try it.  You’ll be out all of $1.57 and you will be amazed.  Hem0rrhoid cream works by displasing the extra fluid out of swollen tissue, hence the reason it’s used for hemorrhoids.  So, it made complete sense to rub some on my swollen under eyes….and it works.