Make Your Own Oxygen Mask

There is an amazing product out there in the Philosophy line of face care “the Oxygen Mask”.  It’s not cheap but it’s amazing.  I sampled it and realized that it is the old-fashioned peroxide and baking soda mask.  The oxygen mask clears out the blackheads and exfoliates extremely well without drying the face out.  It’s as advantageous to older skin as younger skin.  Each time I use it my face seems brighter due to the lack of black heads and younger because it exfoliates my wrinkles gently.  Here are directions on how to make your own.

-a bottle of peroxide

-a small container of baking soda

-face moisturizer of your choice

There are two ways to do the mask.  The not so messy version and the gloopy version.

Not so Messy

1.  Rub some baking soda on your dry skin.

2.  Soak a cotton ball in peroxide and gently rub it on your face.

3.  Leave it on for about 2 minutes or as long as you can stand it.

4.  Wash off and apply moisturizer.


Gloopy Method

1.  Pour about a 1/4 cup of baking soda into a small bowl.

2.  Pour enough peroxide to make a paste.

3.  Rub the paste onto your face and lie down so it doesn’t fall off.

4.  Leave on for two minutes or as long as your can stand it.

5.  Wash off and apply moisturizer.

Use about once a week for blackhead removal.

Age Appropriate Makeup

At our age the word elegant can be used to describe us or not.  Elegant women do not need a ton of makeup.  Flashy makeup is ok for the under 20 crowd simply because they are still learning how to apply makeup therefore, errors are allowed.  But once you pass 30 those makeup errors look garish at best.  Here are some tips for making it through the 30’s without looking like a clown.

1.  Have your foundation matched to your neck at a makeup counter by a professional that is wearing great makeup herself.  Do not go to the rodeo clown makeup artist simply because she is friendly.

2.  Expensive foundation is worth the extra cash because it doesn’t settle in creases and cause lines to look deeper.  I prefer Estee Lauder’s DoubleWear.  At $40 a bottle it’s worth it.  It doesn’t migrate or move and it stays on all day long…if I do not wash it off, it’s still on the next day.

3.  Use an eye makeup primer.  No, it’s not like spackle…ok it is like spackle.  But every time I wear it people smile at me because I look happy.  My eye make up doesn’t feather into my eye creases.  Eyeliner doesn’t bleed down my cheek.  I use Mac Eye Primer.  It never comes off and it doesn’t dry me out.

4.  Blush and in the right spots.  There is a difference between looking fresh and looking like a blush whore.  I tend to lean toward blush whore but I have very high cheekbones and they can take a ton of blush.  Eye makeup is another story.  I have deep set eyes and look like I’ve been in a fight if I wear too much…so I feel justified in using a lot of blush.  That being said there is a beauty secret that I will share with you.  If you want a healthy glow use the same blusher on your eyes that you applied to your cheeks.  You will LOVE the effect.   I apply blush to the apples of my cheeks, then at the widest point of my jaw then on the crease of my eyes where the contour normally goes. Try it.

5.  Line with good taste.  Some women can wear a ton of liner.  Im always jealous because I cannot.  I can only line the top lashes.  The moment I line the bottom lashes I cross over from elegant to “in heat” and   I just can’t do it.  My best friend can wear so much eye makeup because she has heavy lids…I hate her.  Choose what you can do and stick with it.

6.  Mascara like a drag queen.  I can’t wear much eyeliner but I can mascara like Ru Paul so I do.  I use Mary Kay which is not the most expensive and honestly is about the price of mascara at CVS but it’s good quality and it doesn’t dry out my lashes.  The only mascara that beats it is Dior at $30 a tube.  Mary Kay is $12.

Rat Tail Combs are Back!

I just got a new hairstyle and needed a little help styling it on my own.  So, I called my hairdresser and asked her if she’d give  me a tutorial on my style so I feel more confident doing my own hair.  She agreed and gave me a list of things to bring with me that will make my hairstyling so much easier.

She had me bring:

-Hair dryer

-mousse (yes, it’s back)


-rat comb

-vented brush

She taught me how to do a blow out on my own hair with the vented brush and dryer.  She also taught me how to properly use a rat tail comb to give my hair a little volume at the crown.  It was funny because I have not used a rat comb since  the 80’s and back then it was used quite aggressively as was my use  SunIn.  The final product was so great that I wanted to share the news that a little teasing it good even in these days.

Aloe Vera

Has anyone ever told you about the beauty benefits of Aloe Vera?  Aloe can reduce the depth of wrinkles and encourages collagen growth whether you apply it topically or ingest it.  I recently began taking it and do notice  a difference in my own skin.  I have applied it topically and I have ingested it as a drink.  I prefer drinking it versus applying it to my skin because it can be a tad slimy.  But the benefits are worth the slime.

Most people do not live in a place where they can get a hold of fresh aloe vera, but since I am in the tropics and my neighbor has an aloe vera patch (as do most native Floridians) I can just walk outside and whack an arm off an aloe plant and slice and milk it for it’s gelatinous goodness for any need I may have at the moment.  I have heard they can make good houseplants up north if kept by a south facing window and then you could have your own aloe plant at your disposal.