That makes me Squamous to my Stomach!!

Not to make light of a very serious condition with the title I just wanted to draw your attention to something extremely important.   A good friend of mine just found out she has an aggressive form of skin cancer, Squamous.  She went to the Dermatologist just because she had what she thought was a mole starting on her nose.  She originally thought it was a pimple because it had a tiny black dot on the tip and thought it was a black head.  Nothing big, nothing strangely colored, no irregular edges.  She was simply being vain and wanted to cut the little mole off just in case it would grow over time to be something larger.  She wasn’t even in a rush to make it to the dermatologist.  Today I visited her and she was sobbing and pulled the sample surgery photos out of her purse to show me how they were going to butcher her nose.  The squamous cells are so deep and so far around that the Dr. has to take flaps off her nose to cover the hole they will make in taking off the cancer.

My heart sank for her because even though she is not overly  preoccupied with her appearance she is a woman and dealing with changing looks is scary whether it’s growing older or injury or surgery.  It’s sad that she will for a bit of time be missing a chunk out of her nose and her profile.  What could I say to her?  She is a kindergarten teacher and since this will be done ASAP she needs to educate her class on this subject since her class will see her and she will have not just a wacky nose for a few days, but also black eyes from the surgery.  She is nervous it will scare her class. I do not know if men would feel the same way as women would in the same situation.

Here’s to a new body…not necessarily better, but healthier all the same.

Have You Considered the Fit Flop?

My best friend gave my daughter a pair of Fit Flops.  At first my daughter loved them until she saw that my mother-in-law had the same exact pair.  Instantly, the Fit Flops were no longer cool at all.  I was disappointed and she refused to wear the flops anywhere except at home.  My daughter has Vascular Malformation in her right leg so she has foot pain similar to plantar fashitius and orthopedic shoes help so much.   We are so limited on what we can buy when it comes to shoes that outside of the Birkies Tula it’s Fit Flops, that’s it.

I finally sat her down at the Fit Flop website and showed her all the different styles that Fit Flop has come out with the past year and she was so excited to be able to buy shoes that aren’t her grandmothers’ shoe.  They even have closed-toe tennis.  I am so impressed by their style and price.  They are not an arm and leg any longer…unless you buy them at Macy’s…which I suggest not doing.

The best deal on this years designs will be the Fit Flop website directly.  If you want an even better deal and do not care if the shoes are last years styles or last seasons colors then will be just fine.  They have the best prices AND free delivery as well.  That’s like a double bonus.

I Got It on eBay!

Have you ever had a favorite pair of shoes?  I don’t mean a pair you like to wear but a pair you HAVE to wear?  Like OCD have to wear?  I’m obviously not talking about myself but a “friend”.  I have a “friend” that can’t live without her Zealand Morrea flip flops..and it’s a sickness.  My friends’ favorite pair of shoes recently broke and I ,…er…she went to the mall to get a new pair…but you know what?  Zealand Morrea flipflops are only sold in the summer.  After she stopped choking the salesperson she went to 0ther shoe stores looking for the shoes.

Many stores and many OCD irrational thoughts later (about how she’d never see a pair of Zealands again) she left the mall discouraged and angry and sad.  The next few days were lonely dark desperate days..until.

She had the brilliant idea to search online for the shoes.  But the Zealand website showed no Morreas.  Amazon showed no Morreas.  Oh the pain.  What was she to do?  She needed her shoes.  A lightbulb lit in her head.


eBay!!  eBay!!  I bet I can find a pair of Zealands on eBay!!!  So, I, er…she got on eBay and began scouring the site for a size 8 Zealand Morreas, any color.  Believe it or not, she found 2 used pair….but should she buy a pair of used shoes from someone she has never met?  Someone that could possibly have feet diseases?  Someone with nasty dirty toes?  The OCD answer was a unanimous, yes.  Yes, I should….she should.  And so she did it.

Quality Customer Service is Very Fashionable!

I love my Dansko’s.  I wear them all the time.  Matter of fact, my daughters are now taking my Dansko’s and wearing them out and about.  Well, recently, a newer pair of my Dansko’s started squaking.  You heard me right.  My left Dansko squaks like a duck with each and every step.  It’s not just annoying but embarressing.  I totally think that if I pay $114 for a pair of shoes they should not just fit right and look fashionable, but they should also make no sound at all.  Lol.

I called the orthopedic shoe store and explained to them that with each step I sound like I am stepping on a duck and I would like to exchange the shoes for a quieter pair…but they actually were slightly rude and told me to call the manufacturer and deal with them.  I immediately thought, “Oh, here it goes.  I spent a ton of cash on a pair of shoes and the company is going to give me the cold shoulder and find a reason to NOT replace my shoes.”  But to my surprise when I called their customer service number they were very polite and took down all my information and gave me the address to mail the shoes back for a replacement pair.

I am very happy with Dansko now and feel even more at ease paying the hefty price tag they require for their shoes since I know they want people to be happy with their product in order to bring about repeat business.