How Floridians Dress for Fall

It’s officially the thick of Fall.  The earth has turned on it’s axis, the days are getting shorter and the wind is cooling us down one breeze at a time.  The vagabond atmosphere of summer has left us with the instinctual desire to snuggle at home.  Sounds like Boston.  The truth is I am in Florida and the thick of Fall for us is anything that dips under 70 degrees between September and November.  We do not get Fall leaves our leaves because palm fronds slide down the tree, not fall.  Sort of pathetic.

Last  winter I became very aware of the fact that I have never truly learned to dress for cooler weather when I saw a few photos of me camping (I looked like a thrift store had exploded on me)  so I vowed that this Fall and Winter would be different.  This year I will be fashionable even during the cooler months.  Hence, the brown sweater post.  I think I am off to a good start.  I actually bought ankle length yoga pants.  I even have a few pair of socks.  I have a long knee length sweater ala concubine and if I really need it my old Michael Kors down filled fur collared jacket.  I have one pair of closed toe shoes other than my tennis shoes and I bought a really neat metal coffee thermos so I can be chic carrying “hot” coffee vs iced.

My first outfit for Fall was a pair of jeggings, a white wife beater, my brown knee length sweater and flip flops (old habits die hard).  I am off to a good start.  Depending on the weather I may need to don a pair of closed toe shoes with socks.


I saved a ton of cash this year for Christmas by buying gifts off eBay.  I had the misunderstanding before that eBay was all used items but I discovered that it is a site full of new or overstock as well.  My daughters had asked me for specific things this year that I was having trouble finding let alone afford once I did find them.  So, I searched on eBay.  I picked up an antique turquoise ring for my eldest daughter for $24 bucks.  I picked out brand-new turquoise earrings for her for only $10, both of these items she has been asking for for months and they are nowhere to be found her in town for even near those prices.  Lucky me.

As for my other daughter, I found her birthstone earrings in  3 carats for $17 !!!!  Sterling silver and all.  And I picked up a ring to match for her from another online jeweler for $7.99 plus shipping.  The bonuses are as follows, no standing in line.  No driving to the mall.  No tireless searching for gifts my girls have asked for.  I am not paying a premium because the jewelers are online and therefore no mall prices.  The items will be delivered to my front door and since I work from home…perfect!  Christmas is done.

31 Again.

I was just at a 31 party.  No, not a birthday but a home party and 31 is a company that sells bags.  The hostess was a girlfriend of mine and she is super fun to be around and it’s easy for her to throw a party and people actually come out.  She did the neatest thing at her party.  You know how when you have a home party that you get free gifts and 1/2 price items and BOGO items?  Well, she used all of her free items, BOGO’s and bonuses as Christmas gifts for her friends and family.  Genius, right?  She has bags for her daughters, mother, mother-in-law and nieces.  These bags are very nice and she let all of her friends pay for these gifts.  That’s super smart.

31 Bags is a company based out of Tennessee.  It is women run for women. It’s sort of like the Mary Kay of bags.  You have home parties and invite all your best girlfriends.  They buy stuff after getting to handle them and they are delivered to your house.Ta-da.  That easy.

Long Sweater like a Concubine.

Iw as in a thrift store the other day and ran across a super long sweater.  You know, the kind with no buttons that skims the knee?  At first, I thought this sort of sweater was a no go, but it was all of $2 so I took the fashion risk and bought it.  I have had so many compliments on this sweater!  Colleagues love it which is surprising and even a few children have mentioned that they like my sweater.  Taking the risk was so worth it.  I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing this fun sweater.

Normally, when I go to thrift stores or second hand stores I am looking for vintage clothing.  I usually will not buy modern clothing because I get that at the mall.  But for some reason the feeling was just right on the long brown sweater.  I feel like I should post a photo of it because it’s the sort of sweater that you can wear around the house as a muemue or over jeans and a t-shirt running errands or even over nothing to seduce a man.  I am totally in love with this sweater.

To be honest, I was totally copying a concubine on the long sweater thing.  I ran into a friend of a friend a few weeks ago and she is known for leaching off men.  She is young and russian and fabulous and very self-indulged.  She was late to pick up her children because she was sleeping (at 6pm) and she had been to the gym that day and was wearing a long sweater over workout clothes.  I admit when I found that long sweater at the St Vincent DePaul thrift that she came to mind and I thought I could look like a concubine, too.