Have You Checked Your Cortisol?

I went to my Endocrinologist and he ran a whole slew of tests.  Thyroid, Cortisol, etc…  Apparently, cortisol can lead to belly fat.  It is important to help keep the cortisol levels low so as not to store belly fat and increase the ability to burn fat.

I want to burn fat not store it so I began to research what can help and came across an amazing product called Cortitrol.  Supposedly, it eases stress and helps one relax to reduce the body’s ability and tendency to store fat.  I researched the products in the Cortitrol and they are as follows:

Magnolia which relaxes one and increases sleep ability.

Epimedium which is actually Horny Goat Weed.  Which sort of does what it’s named to do…it makes you relaxed and increases sexual ability.

Camelia sinesis is actually a chemical in tea.  It is not caffeine, but balancing chemical that can relieve stress, heal ones liver and induce rest.

Phytosterol ester which lowers bad cholesterol…I think.  It seems to be a fat.

Phosphatidylserine is actual soy lecithin which increases focus without giving energy.  Hmm, who knew.

I am hoping it all works out for me.  We will see.


I just found my mother’s old Canasta card set.  It’s an old red and gold box with all the pieces needed for playing the game.  It’s so vintage and cool.  It makes me want to learn how to play the game.  I have mastered Solitaire and Black Jack.  I can even play a little Poker, but Canasta is something I have never really tried.  My mother played all the time with her gal pals back in the day and after she passed away I put all of her things away and actually forgot where I had put them.

When I cleaned out my hallway closet this week I ran across a pocket of her old game boards along with the Canasta set and it made me miss her so much.  I think I will take some time over the Christmas Break and not just learn the game myself but teach it to my girls as well.  I think my mother would be proud.

Diet Pills

I know that we are ideally supposed to eat sensibly and exercise but I have hypothyroidism and that doesn’t work for me.  I needed to bring in some new recruits and remembered my old phentramine script.  I used to take them about 5 years ago and they really helped for a time but then I just couldn’t hack them any longer and so I stopped taking them.  I was desperate so I called the DR and he prescribed them again and this time I am tolerating them much better than before.  I have already lost a couple of pounds and I have energy all day long.

I do worry about the long term effects of the drug…but at this point I am so desperate I am compromising with just taking them short term.  I was on them much longer before and I am hoping that short term use, which is the drugs design will be beneficial.  Have you or a loved one ever used Phentramine??  What were the short and long term affects?

Sleeping Beauty

I am dieting.   The post could end there.  I am dieting through the holiday season this year.  I read that it’s easier to diet if well slept.  Well, married with three children does not create a well slept environment so I looked for some outside help.  In steps Melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone pre-cursor that when taken releases the tired hormone so that you can relax and fall asleep easier and quicker.  I have taken it this past week and have noticed quite a difference in the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.  I have noticed that my food cravings have dropped significantly and I have more energy than before.  But I will stay up too late if I do not begin taking Melatonin right at 8pm.  I take one at 8pm and quickly clean up the kitchen before lying on the couch and watching my TEVO’d shows.  Twice I woke up in the morning not even realizing that I had fallen asleep!  I didn’t hear a noise all night.  I didn’t even toss or turn.  Out like a light.  After a week I actually began to reset my internal clock and even began getting tired naturally like my body was looking forward to it.