Why Wear a Scarf?

I wear a scarf when I need a little color around my face.  I wear a scarf when I need a little more coverage around my decolletage.  Sometimes, I wear a scarf when I am having a chubby day and I want to cover my tummy area a bit but not wear a cardigan.  I can go on and on.  There are so many reasons to wear scarves and you just need to find your reason.  Then muster up the nerve to do it and just do it.

I started wearing scarves when I wanted to take my dressing to the next level and I didn’t have much cash to increase my wardrobe.   Scarves were a quick fix and they suited my style just fine.  Then I began to play around with different knotting techniques and found the Hermes knotting cards and the fun really started.  I have worn a scarf shirt, skirt and even head wrap.  I have worn them to the beach, church, work and funerals.  Scarves have a way of adding a touch of versatility, fun and color the way jewelry can’t and they can personalize like nobody’s business.

When To Buy Scarves

The best to buy scarves is off season.  I know there is nothing exciting about that info but it’s completely true.  I buy winter scarves in summer and summer scarves about Christmas time.  Spring scarves are on clearance about Fall but the good news in all of this is that you can pick up scarves for less than the cost of the fabric if you buy them off season.  If you must, you must buy when you must…but I try to avoid that completely.

Buying scarves off season is a good way to stock up and hold just to see if you like them.   And if you don’t?  They become gifts for your friends.  I pick up scarves all the time because I know it is not lost money.  If I like it I buy it.  If I decide later it is the wrong color, etc…I just gift it to someone else.  It’s my version of recycling.


Where to Buy A Scarf

I find the best deals at a combo of two place when I am looking for scarves.

Target is best place for clearance scarves and seasonal scarves as well as infinity scarves.  I can pick up last seasons scarves at about $5-$10 a pop.  They usually carry the oblong scarves and even some large square scarves, but be sure to check each one for holes or snags as many a lady has tried them on by the time they reach the clearance rack.  I have fortunately picked up a few great summer scarves from Target.  The scarf I have the most compliments from is also a scarf from Target.  Goes to say that you do not need to spend a lot to get a great piece.


Vintage Stores and thrift stores are the best places to nab the old-fashioned medium to small square scarves and heavy duty winter woolen scarves.  The vintage stores have the best selection of pocket squares, ladies dainty hankies and the sort.  You need to be careful not to grab scarves that have stains or odors or are falling apart if you plan on using them outside of decoration.   When picking up scarves at thrift stores you are usually spending a lot less $$$ than at vintage stores so it’s a good place to grab men’s pocket squares, and woolen scarves that can be used for projects.  Occasionally, you will find a gem, but usually not.

How to Wear A Scarf

Wearing scarves is tricky but can be done with elegance if you follow a few rules.

1.  Wear scarves in your color palette.  No matter how beautiful a scarf is it will not draw the correct attention to you if you look sick in it.

2.  Pick the appropriate fabric for the season.  Ex., you can wear a silk scarce anytime but a wool scarf is only for cool weather…no matter how much you like it.

3.  Try a different scarf just to see if you like it.  I used to only wear the short pocket square scarves or the long oblong scarves until this summer when I grabbed a huge cotton square scarf..I’m talking 3 ft by 3ft.  And surprise surprise I really loved the effect of that humungous scarf.  I ended up buying a few more just for kicks and I have had more compliments on that scarf than on all the others.

4.  If you see a scarf knot you like, copy.  See the Hermes scarf knotting cards below.  If you love the knotting techniques the Knotting App is free at iTunes.