The Trade

Sometimes, when making a fashion change you need to make a trade and trade off old things that are comfortable for new things that will be an experience.  A good idea is to look at fashion mags, watch Fashion Police and brush up on what’s new before making the leap to find something that is a look you will trade an old look off for.

For instance, before devoting yourself to the skinny jeans look you need to buy one cheap pair from say Target and see how you like them, if they fit in your lifestyle and if it’s a look you should wear.  I am not tall so finding the “right” pair of skinny jeans is paramount if I’d like to look elegant versus an Oompa Loompa.  I bought my first pair at Walmart and was shocked to see how well I liked them.  I buy jeggings because they smooth over my curves and not cut into them.  I can chase the children in them or grab a pair of heels and go out with my husband.  I have a large rump and the jeggins usually cover me where regular jeans had to have a curvy cut in order to fit correctly.

Trading an old look for a new look is so good when it comes to looking and feeling good.

Bidi Fashion

To really define my personal style I’d have to say you’d need to visit the Continent and do some shopping.  I’d pick up a sari in India, a great wool blazer from England and perhaps some great scarves in Paris.  I like a certain dangerous element in my dressing with a wholesome Dutch influence that is colorful and edgy.    On one trip to China I picked up their version of batik cloth which was supposed to be a tablecloth but I wear it like a scarf.  It needs to be a summer scarf, though, because their fabric is best for warm weather as it will NOT keep in the heat.  I’d be warmer wearing a scarf made of tendu (leaf).

I like to have an eclectic feel to my clothing as it reminds me of my travels and experiences over my life.  It reminds me of all the times I visited missionaries or friends in Spain, Belgium and India.  It’s a good thing to show what makes you you.

Mules, Not Burros

I am so happy that mules are making a comeback.  They are part shoes, part flip flop.  They are the female version of the Alabama waterfall, business in the front party in the back.  I can wear them to work and kick them off under my desk.  What’s better than that, other than a Keurig at my desk?  The mules have been redone and are not the same as they used to be with the thick clog heels and buckled fronts.  Nowadays, mules are delicate and cute.  They can be pastel colored or even made of lace.  They can have spiked heels or low kitten heels.  They can be fun.

Mules can be worn with shorts, culottes (gag) and palazzo pants…as well as skinny jeans or even short skirts.  Please, please, please do not wear them with a long skirt EVER.  It didn’t look good in the 90’s and it will not look good now.  Anyone telling you it does is probably selling you the skirt or mules.

A Lesson From the Kardashians

My dad used to say “Even a broken clock is right twice a day”.  Which means sometimes you can get a great idea from an idiot, hence the Kardashian reference.  I recently began wearing belts again after a long furlough from going without belts due to being blessed in the backside region.  I felt a belt would draw attention to my derriere in a negative way.  Well, since watching Kim rock the tight belt with a big rear I have decided to go for it and begin my belt journey again, but this time without the self-loathing luggage.

I have picked up a few things regarding belts.

1.  If you have a big backside a belt is important because most pants are made for someone with no hips or butt and without a belt the pants have that huge gap in the back when one sits.

2.  With a big rear even when you do not sit you may still have a big gap in the back of the pants.

3.  I am so glad that I have butt dimples because when either way the view is great!