Mixing and Matching Clothing to Make Unique Fashion Statements

Mixing and matching wardrobe items can make a woman stand out in a crowd of competitors. Creating one’s own style will draw the attention of passersby and members of the opposite gender. The process can also give a girl a chance to tinker with her artistic side. The following contains a few ideas for mixing and matching clothes.

The Art of Mixing and Matching

The art of mixing and matching begins with courage and boldness. A woman has to be willing to take a step outside the norm to create a signature style. She can mix and match styles one of two ways. The first way is to mix and match colors. The second way is to mix and match entire styles. For example, conservative and provocative styles can go together and create a hypnotizing female business woman. An example of this style would be black business slacks with red satin pumps and a red Cami tank. The business woman can tone down the Cami’s blaze just a bit by wearing an open white button-down shirt in either white or black. The look will appeal to the opposite gender, but it will not take away from the female’s professionalism.

Mix and Match Colors and Jeans

A woman can mix and match jeans, shoes and shirt colors, as well. Manufacturers create denim jeans in a wide variety of colors nowadays. Therefore, a playful woman can have tons of fun purchasing blue, beige, pink, white, red, and purple jeans. She could then shop for t-shirts or form-fitting V-neck shirts in different variations of the colors that match her jeans. The shoes or sneakers will be the icing on the cake so to speak. Thousands of shoe stores exist with wide assortments of shoe and sneaker colors. She could wear a different playful casual combination every day of the week.

Mixing Printed Clothes and Solid Clothes

Mixing prints and solids is an idea that usually ends well. A black skirt with a flowery design can have a wide variety of accents with it. A woman can add a tank top that matches one of the flower colors and/or a blouse that matches one of the other colors. She can even top it off with a pair of colorful (or black) leggings.

Many mixing and matching possibilities exist. Fashion has no laws. Allowing one’s imagination to run wild can set trends that turn into long-term fads.