The Latest Denim Trends for Teens and Young Girls

Denim is one of the most versatile fabrics on the market. Manufacturers release denim products in a wide assortment of colors and styles. A teenager or a young girl can wear a different pair of denim jeans every day of the week and be trendy. The following are some current denim legwear trends for young females:

Pale Wash or Light Wash Jeans

Light Wash jeans are excellent for creating the image of longer legs. They can work well for a girl who is a little sensitive about her height. She can mix a pair of light wash jeans with a pair of flats and a belt with a butterfly emblem.

Frayed and Ripped Jeans

Frayed jeans give a temporary edgy or playful appearance. They are good to wear for casual events. They can provide a great deal of ventilation during the summertime, as well. Converse sneakers and graphic t-shirts go well with frayed denim.

Cropped Jeans and Capris

Cropped jeans and Capris are good for girls to wear during the warmer months. They can provide the girls with a nice break from the traditional denim look, as well. Cropped jeans can go with any footwear to create the look that the female desires. She can wear canvas sneakers, combat boots, dress shoes or heels.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are one of the most popular denim items on the market today. Their appeal comes from the way that they complement the wearer’s form. Skinny jeans are more suitable for older girls than they are for younger girls. The girls can use a variety of styles with skinny jeans. They can go with t-shirts, blouses, sweaters or hoodies to create their looks. The shoes can range from low cut sneakers to high heel shoes or boots.

Baggy Jeans

Baggy Jeans are excellent for the everyday Tomboy. Girls can wear such jeans with a nice pair of Vans skate shoes and a printed t-shirt. Baggy jeans come in a wide variety of styles. One popular style of baggy jeans is the gothic style with chains. A girl can have fun finding shirts and shoes to complement those jeans.

Denim is a fabric that is not likely to disappear from the fashion world. It has been making a huge impact on society since Levi Strauss first created it in 1873. Hundreds of new denim trends emerge every day.