Spring Dress Styles 2015

Dresses are still the most feminine clothing item that a woman can purchase. The spring season is a perfect time for a woman to express her femininity by purchasing a dress that jives with the beautiful season. The following are some spring dress ideas. A woman can choose one of these radiant styles so that she can shine brightly in the midst of spring:

Loft Petite V-Neck Maxi Dress

A Maxi Dress is always a good choice for a woman who wants to maintain a semi-conservative appearance. The Loft Petite V-neck Maxi Dress flows all the way down to the woman’s feet and covers her. The V-Neck front covers her bosom, but the rear of the dress slightly exposes a portion of her back. She can wear the dress by itself, or she can purchase a shawl if she feels uncomfortable with the exposure. The dress comes in Black and Spring Coral. Spring Coral is an amazing spring color to wear.

The Flowery Alternative

Some women prefer to wear dresses that carry a flowery appearance. ModCloth offers a gorgeous flowery dress that it calls the “In the Spring of Things Dress in Floral.” The dress is designed by Bettie Page, and it features a myriad of beautiful flowers in orange, blue, red, green and the like. The bottom of the dress is long, and the back of the dress is closed with a zipper. The front of the dress exposes only a small circular area underneath the bosom. Additionally, the dress is quite versatile because the female can wear any color shoe with it.

Sonoma T-Shirt Dress

The T-shirt dress is a trendy dress for women who want to have a casual appearance. Kohl’s sells a T-shirt dress by Sonoma that a trendy woman will love. The dress is medium length and it comes in a variety of spring-friendly colors such as pink, coral and navy. The dress has a drawstring in the abdominal area, as well. The material is a mixture of polyester, rayon and spandex. Machine washing is easy and practical. Furthermore, the dress is currently on sale with a 10 percent discount for those who are interested in purchasing it.

Finding the perfect dress for the spring can be an exciting experience. Spring dresses should always reflect the beauty and versatility of the elements. A woman can further enhance her spring dress by purchasing shoes and accessories to match it.


Spring 2015: Trendy Boots for Women

Every season brings the opportunity for women to shine in the fashion world. A multitude of women’s boots is available so that women can choose their favorite styles. The best boots are ones that have neutral colors and can blend with any style. The following are some ideas for trendy boot styles for modern women:

Women’s Slimshortie Boots

The Sorel online store sells a boot that it calls the Slimshortie boot. The Slimshortie boot is an interesting item that has three layers of fabric. The toe of the boot is rubberized, the heel is leather and the leg is suede. The mixture of different textures gives the boots an elegant Westernized appeal. They are quite unique in their bold distribution of qualities. The manufacturer created the boots to withstand even the most challenging inclement weather. The primary goal is to keep a woman’s feet warm during harsh rain or or snowy conditions. However the boots can go with just about any outfit. Women can purchase the Slimshortie Boots in Black or Elk colors. Customers have rated the boots with four stars out of five because of their amazing build quality and their fashionable design.

Caralynn Leather Boots

The Caralynn Leather boots are an excellent boot for women who like leg length footwear. The leg of the boot stretches out more than 15 inches, which almost gives the wearer a full leg covering. The Caralynn boot can be purchased at discount department stores such as Target for a very low price tag. The Caralynne Leather Boots are made of leather, polyester and nylon materials. They go well with a variety of skirts and dresses.

Melissa Button Zip Short Boots

Melissa Button Zip Short boots are ankle boots that are made of the finest leathers. The boots come in colors such as Grey, Burnt Red, Banana, Saddle and Walnut. They have a crunch leather upper, a leather outsole and a full back zip. The consumers who have worn the boots have given them an extremely high five-star rating for their comfort and their design. The Melissa Button Zip Short Boots are a great addition to female denims and corduroys.

Women’s boots are plentiful online and offline. Shoppers can search for clearance sales, coupon codes and other special offers to maximize their saving potential. Early shopping can help women to get a jump on boot fashion for the upcoming season.