Back-to-School Fashion for Girls: Fall 2015

Many of the latest schools have uniform policies in effect, but some of them still allow their children to choose freely the clothing that they want to wear to school. Modern students and parents have to find a way to ensure that their children are comfortable during their time in school. The following are some tips for keeping up with the latest school fashion trends for girls:

Buy Animal Prints

Animal prints seem to be huge this year for girls of all ages. School-aged females are getting comfortable in dresses, skirts, pants and t-shirts that have animal prints on them. The most popular animal prints are leopard prints and zebra stripes. Parents can find leopard or zebra print clothing at some of the most popular clothing stores such as Sears, Etsy, JC Penney and the like.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are highly fashionable and quite popular for several reasons. First, they provide a wealth of pockets for the children to store their most important possessions. The pockets are not only convenient but also they provide an element of fashion. Cargo pants come in all colors, shapes and textures. Parents can find cargo pants for their children at stores such as Macy’s, Kohl’s and the like.

Long Boots

Little girls are starting to dress in boots that rise way above the knees this year. A thrifty parent can find some long boots at the Payless Shoe Source. Payless is currently having a sale that gives shoppers up to 20 percent off on a large assortment of shoes and boots. Liv and Maddie is an example of a manufacturer that one may find on the Payless site.

Jumpers and Overalls

Jumpers and overalls have been popular for many years, and today’s children are still carrying the tradition. A young woman can wear overalls in a wide variety of styles. The conservative overall look may consist of a black jumpsuit and dress shoes. A casual overall style may consist of blue denim overalls, sneakers and her favorite t-shirt. Creating interesting looks with jumpers and overalls can be quite fun. Dickies and American Eagle offer some attractive overall outfits. Shoppers can find overalls in stores such as JC Penney, K-mart, Target and more.

Children are keeping some of the old traditions and creating some new and interesting traditions, as well. Parents can start to piece together their children’s wardrobes by selecting from the previously mentioned concepts.

Four Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Gals

Women are mostly known for their tendency to take forever when they get ready to go out on a date or a night on the town. The average wait time for their poor male counterparts is usually one hour to several hours. The women take so long to get ready because they feel that they need perfection. They have to ensure that their makeup is correct and their clothes are attractive. They want to ensure that their hairstyle fits their activity, as well. One way that a woman can shorten the time she spends on her hair is by using a quickie style.

Quickie styles are no-mess-no-fuss styles that a female can create in less than five minutes. Quickie styles give women the opportunity to spend their most valuable time on some of their other details. The following are four highly common quickie styles:

The Classic Ponytail

The classic ponytail is one of the most common quickie styles that women wear. The style requires three items: a brush, a rubber band and some gel or mousse. The woman may want to add something such as a butterfly accessory to the band she wears.

The Pigtails

Pigtails are a favorite of men who have the young girl fantasy. Pig tails require a bit more effort that other hairstyles require. The person needs to part her hair in the middle without making many symmetrical errors. Next, the person must apply product to both sides of the part and then place rubber bands on the hair. Pigtails look astonishing on the right women.


Wondercurls is a five-minute style that a woman can start before she goes to bed. Tools needed for this style are water, moisturizing hair lotion and foam curlers. The wondercurls look is created by rolling wet hair into foam rollers and letting them set overnight. The style itself only needs some fingers to control it. The curls can last up to a week.

Buzzed Up

The buzzed up style is self-explanatory. The person uses clippers to cut her hair down to the bare minimum, and then she has no work to perform while she is getting ready to go somewhere. A female buzz cut may take an hour to create, but it only takes seconds to maintain. Moisturizing the scalp is the most important part of the process.

Any of the previously mentioned styles can help a woman to save time while she is getting ready to go out on the town.