Socks That Rock: Fashion Ideas for Girls

Gals always focus on the most visible parts of their outfits, like their shirts and pants. They rarely pay attention to the lower half of their bodies. Shoes and socks can create a gorgeous or intriguing new dimension to just about any outfit. Socks can change the mood of an outfit, or they can add flavor to an otherwise dull arrangement. The following are some tips for fashionable sock choices for women:

Set Your Outfit on Fire With Hot Socks

Hot socks are socks that have the emblem of flames on them. A woman can find a pair of hot socks for a bit less than $7. The socks come with background colors such as red, black, white and blue with red flames. She can accomplish many things with a pair of hot socks. She can wear them on a first date, or she can wear them at a sporting event to express the amount of fire she has available to fight for the win.

Faux Lace-Up Superhero Socks

Faux lace-up socks are interesting because they can create an illusion of knee-high sneakers on a girl’s leg. The socks are red, white and blue and resemble the long boots that Wonder Woman used to wear. The Wonder Woman logo is on the side. Girls can wear the socks as part of a trick-or-treat adventure, or they can wear them to school. The cost of the faux lace-up socks is about $8 on a website such as the Joy of Socks site. The socks contains material such as spandex, acrylic and polyester.

Pencil Knee Socks

Pencil knee socks are an adorable choice for girls who want to turn heads and make people think. The socks go all the way up to the knee, and they resemble a No. 2 pencil. The “eraser” sits directly under the knee, and the point is the person’s foot. This creative sock costs about $8.50, and the Foot Traffic company manufacturers it.

Emoticon Socks

Emoticon socks can have a pink, blue or white background, but the main theme is the emoticons that people see in their text messaging services. Emoticons display a wide variety of facial expressions such as the happy face, sad face and indifference expression.

Several stores offer fun socks that a girl can buy. Joy of Socks, Sock Addict and Hot Sox are just a few of the names of such online stores.