Fall 2015 Tween Fashion Trends

The word tweens describes a group of people who will be becoming teenagers in a few years. A 12-year-old person is a good example of a tween. Tweens are more fashionable than their younger peers are. Therefore, the tween fashion trends are exciting. The following are examples of styles that some of the tweens are incorporating these days:

Ripped Jeans

Ripped and torn jeans is a fashion statement that males and females have been sporting for many years. Ripped and torn jeans were popular in the 80s because many of the “big hair” band members used to wear them. Today’s tweens are mixing ripped jeans with a wide assortment of colorful tops and sneakers. Canvas sneakers seem to be a hot item when it comes to putting on ripped jeans. High-heel sandals go well with ripped jeans and a colourful shirt, as well.

Long Leather Items

Leather is a fashion item that tends to be a die-hard product, as well. Today’s tweens are wearing leather pants that display their leg tone. They tend to mix their leather pants with boots, long shirts and accessories such as hats.

Colorful Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits seem to be popular in the modern world of tween wear. Today’s tweens are starting to wear color coordinated fuzzy jumpsuits that keep them warm and highly fashionable.

Knee-high Elegance

Knee-highs are something that are quite popular in fashion today. Tweens are taking it a step further by wearing elegant knee-high boots. Some of them are mixing it up by wearing one boot of one color and a second boot of another color. Black and white seem to be the colors of choice because they can easily fit into a classy business outfit. Dark shades can increase the effect of such an outfit.


Mini-skirts are still a popular item for America’s tweens. Mini-skirts are small skirts that line up above the knee. Females can wear clean white shirts or a wide variety of blouses with their mini-skirts. Mini-skirts are available in leather, cotton, Lycra and a wide variety of alternative colors.

Retro T-Shirts

Retro T-shirts are still popular among teens and tweens alike. They are shirts that display elements from eras that are usually far before the tween’s comprehension. Tweens might wear clothing that displays Strawberry Shortcake, Smurfs and a wide variety of themes that are uncommon to the tweens.

Finally, super hero t-shirts are huge in the tween category. Modern stores and manufacturers are pushing super heroes to the max nowadays. Tween fashion is always changing and expanding on a daily basis.