Fall Shoe Styles for Young Women

The shoes are the backbone of every outfit. They are much more than foot coverings or protective layers. Shoes are an outfit’s personality. A young woman can wear the same outfit three days in a row and create a completely different image each time because of the shoes she wears. This fall presents some attractive styles for young women. The following are four examples of how women are wearing their shoes the upcoming fall season:

Permeated Sneakers?
One would never imagine that sneakers would need to have an incoming air flow, but manufacturers are making such sneakers for females. They are making running shoes that have open areas across the top of the foot. The idea is to provide ventilation for the person who wears the sneakers, but often times, women end up making fashion statements with them.

Gladiator Shoes
Gladiator shoes became a hit a few years ago, and they have taken over the fashion industry in terms of what’s hot for women. Gladiator shoes are in a class of shoes and boots that ride all the way up the leg and have perforations along the sides and open toes. Manufacturers created the shoes to resemble the shoes of the ancient Roman gladiators. While a majority of the shoes are knee-high and above in length, some of them fit around the ankles. The prices vary from about $50 to several hundred dollars.

Stocking Boots
Stocking boots are a cute and amazing idea for the fall, but they will work for the holiday season, as well. They are classy shoes that have slightly high heels. The manufacturers craft them of the usual materials like leather, but the outside of the footwear has fuzzy material that matches the fuzzy materials that people have on their Christmas stockings.

Furry Shoes
Furry shoes are a growing trend that turns many heads. Some heads turn because of envy, and other heads turn because of confusion. The furry shoes are so intricate that some of them are covered with hair that looks like a dog’s hair. Zappos has a large collection of such shoes for less than $100, but the highly detailed furry shoes can cost several hundred dollars.

The female shoe market is constantly adding items to the list. Young women can search for coupons and discount codes so that they can get their shoes for less.

Trendy Tween Accessories

Accessories are items that can turn a dull outfit into a true head turner. They include items such as hair bows, ties, earrings, necklaces, watches, charms, belts and the like. Accessories can create a sense of uniqueness and creativity in a person. Adults, teens and tweens love to add accessories to their clothing ensembles. The following are some tween accessory trends that are circulating this year:

Cheeky Buttons

Many tweens are wearing buttons that display various messages, views and beliefs. They usually place these buttons on the right or left corner of their shirts. The price of the buttons vary between $2 and $5. Some buttons have names on them while other buttons have catch phrases such as “Rock on” or “Drama Tween.” Shoppers can find such buttons on a website like Zazzle. Zazzle is full of tween accessories such as buttons, belt buckles, watches and fanny packs.

Friendship Bracelet

Tweens are big on establishing who their friends and clique members are. Friendship bracelets are inexpensive accessories that can express to the world which tween belongs to what group. The Etsy website has some vintage style friendship bracelets for $4. They are handmade items with durable materials and colorful buttons.

Popular Belts

Belts serve two purposes in the tween world. The first purpose that they serve is pants support. The second purpose they serve is a fashion trend. Fancy belt buckles are items that consumers will always see in on a tween. Name buckles, phrase buckles and superhero buckles are three of the most popular tween accessories.

Tween Hats

Hats are cool because they can spice up an outfit and cover up a bad hair day at the same time. Tween hats range in price from about $10 to $30. Tweens can choose from a wide variety of baseball cap styles. Some of the caps have funny phrases and pictures such as “Girls Rule” and “Slumber Party Sweetie.” Other hats may have names or pictures such as butterflies or flowers. The tween hat category is full of items that they can choose. The Zazzle site carries more than 170 hats, including visors, headsweats and trucker gear.

Finally, charm necklaces are on many websites. Tweens can grab hold of charm necklaces at a wide variety of physical department stores, as well. Tween trends change frequently. Therefore, shoppers should try to get discounts on trending items.