Makeup or Breakup? A guy’s viewpoint on buying for his girlfriend

Every guy has found themselves in that unenviable position as the person who is expected to buy a gift for his girlfriend, fiancée or wife, and simply has no clue what to purchase at that particular moment.

Perhaps nothing is quite as daunting as attempting to buy clothes for a significant other, but even more challenging is capturing the kind of makeup they’d like to have.

Makeup can be difficult simply because most women prefer to buy their own and are super specific to exactly what they want, and wouldn’t trust anyone other than themselves so that doesn’t bode well for the boyfriend or husband in this situation.
Makeup is so incredibly personal for so many reasons, mainly because a lot of time and effort, research and understanding as to what looks the best on them, no matter how much it costs Price isn’t an option when it comes to makeup; it’s the kind of accessory that she’ll buy at all costs and won’t skimp like she would for maybe a piece of clothing that might not be the designer name but she can score something similar at Target, for instance.

When it comes to makeup, there’s no “similar.” A fella wants what you want and what looks best.

So, it seems as though buying cosmetics for a girlfriend or wife might be a little too daunting of a task? That said, a guy knows that makeup might make your day, and be the gift that shows he was paying attention during all those trips to the mall.

And that really is what it boils down to from a cosmetics standpoint for makeup for a lady. Did he watch carefully when you were putting on your makeup (not stare awkwardly of course) and see what you use? When you peel off to go to the Sephora counter, did he make a bee line for Dick’s Sporting Goods or the food court? Did he stick around you, keep a close eye on what you are picking up and falling in love with, rather than being oblivious to the entire situation and assuming he will never have to buy makeup.
That’s like thinking he will never have to grocery shop and then the time comes and he is standing clueless in the kitchen. And even if he doesn’t see you shopping for makeup, he should be getting ready for you someday saying, “I’m out of this” or “I really love this new eyeshadow.”

That’s when a guy’s ears shoudl perk up.

Some makeup palettes are winners across the board, too (the Urban Decay Naked line comes to mind right away), and those are easy buys and loved by women for the most part, so researching isn’t a bad option, either.

So guys, when the time comes for gift giving or just a thoughtful thank you for no reason, you don’t have to steer clear of makeup. Buying it will be welcomed and thoroughly appreciated by your girlfriend or wife because it shows you were paying attention and thus thought outside of the typical gift box.