Swim Worn: Why retro rules for women’s bathing suits this summer

If you love to shop, can’t get enough bathing suits, in some cases one for every time you lay next to the pool, you know exactly what Miami Swim Week is.

Think of it as fashion week for everything that is summertime swim oriented, and a mainstay to let women of all shapes, sizes and ages know exactly what is considered hot for this upcoming summer.

But when you think of summer, women’s fashion and swim suits, you think about less being more, but that isn’t exactly the temperament this year. Yes, bathing suits aren’t like they were a hundred years ago when one piece was the first, last and only piece of solving the puzzle that is your summertime, by the pool, wardrobe.

This year, this season, the women’s bathing suit sends out vibes that are equal parts stylish and sexy, but you can’t underestimate vintage being the vixen that we all want this summer.

Take for instance the high waisted bathing suit bottom, almost forgotten or harkening back to a day when your grandmother once visited the local swimming pool in her neighborhood, but that high waist in the form of a swimsuit gets high praise from a fashion stand point this summer and scorched the earth at Miami Swim Week, 2016. Don’t misunderstand, however, that the high waisted bikini briefs are being paired with a second piece (this isn’t your grand mother’s one piece by any means) in the form of a bikini top and also a sheer top, camisole type cover to keep your shoulders from the sunburn for a moment until you reveal what is one of the hotter styles in women’s fashion this summer season.

In keeping with the throwback style, some bathing suits still are showing some skin but with a different take on that aforementioned one piece: the cut outs. Bathing suits are full body and beautiful with the sides cut out to show off that midsection in sections, namely the obliques that give you a glimpse at that tight, toned stomach but still leaves a lot to the imagination.

From a color standpoint, you have to love that the orange and yellows are back in what can be described as an extension of spring time colors being whisked from one season to another, particularly the orange which is a slice of heaven paired with a darker blue color that says University of Florida and would even make the polarizing Tim Tebow blush and wish he was back in college for spring break.

Bathing suits will forever scream summer, but this year’s take is vintage and a fresh take on an older style that still scores big with women.

Back in Saddle: Certain fashion trends for women return to form

When it comes to fashion, women specifically, what’s old doesn’t stay old very long.

Trends are only as good as the celebrity or designer that endorses them, or if they’ve made their way to the runway or Fashion Week in any of the major cities.

Certain clothing is timeless, while other styles have ways of rearing their heads (not ugly ones) when you least expect it.
And yet somehow, they look surprisingly great in 2016 even if they first came to the fashion forefront 20 or so years earlier.
Case in point, women are now flocking toward pants that have a wider leg and an all over print, something that could be mistaken for the 70s thanks to the flare at the bottom or the 90s with that print style that is as busy as possible.

The bellbottom style in general has found new life, too, as flare jeans made a brief comeback in the early 2000s, but then quickly were replaced by stretch pants and ankle hugging jeans. The style that made the 70s is now being reintroduced to a new audience and the masses this year all over again.

Now you could easily argue that denim never went away, and has been popular for the long haul, but some forms of denim haven’t exactly stood the test of time. Let’s take for instance the love hate relationship you have with two pieces of denim specifically: jean jackets and fringe jeans at the bottom.

Be honest with yourself, you obviously had a jean jacket at some point in your life. Everyone did, whether you were a kid in the 1980s or a young, teenage adult that rocked the jean jacket every Friday at the mall, you loved your denim coat.

That wasn’t always the case as the jean jacket often was ridiculed as the 1980s turned into the 90s and more so in the 2000s and beyond, but 2016 (spring specifically) has seen a flashback come to life with the jean jacket back into the fold this season.
Fringe denim is also on the rise, and plenty of Pinterest at home fashion designers have learned the ins and outs of how to do the fringe for themselves at home for a fraction of the cost. No matter how you slice it, the fringe is finally back.

You could call these pieces timeless in some respects, but that would suggest they’ve never gone away. Instead, you might want to refer to them as the comeback kids.

At least for now.