Fashionable Upgrades: How to turn stylish on a budget

The words “stylish” and “budget” seemingly don’t go hand in hand.

If you ask women if they can try to be fashionable and not have a whole lot in the way of extra cash, you might be hard pressed to get them to buy into that theory.

Sure, you’ve seen plenty of magazines, stories and even television shows that show a particular look put together by an actress or musician that cost thousands and that you can have for hundreds.

They’re shopping at Dolce, and you’re trying to match and emulate that look at Target or Walmart.

Alas, ladies, that seems pretty tough of a sale, one that you just simply can’t rally behind.

But from a fashion sense, what you can believe in is finding particular looks and styles that look as though they cost a small fortune when in actuality they’re affixed with a price tag that is downright reasonable if not completely shocking when you think about just how hot this particular piece of fashion is at the moment.

Something so simple often can be overlooked, such as the way you simply wear your purse. Fashion experts agree that the new, hip way to wear your purse (any purse, really) is to have it under your arm and stretched across your body, almost the same way you’d wear a computer bag or satchel.

That look hardly is dependent on money but rather adjusting where you’re wearing this accessory. That same sash look is super exciting and in style with coats that have what appears to be a scarf but actually is fur that only looks the part.
The easy and less expensive way to forgo the fur coat is to buy any old scarf and turn it into the appearance of that aforementioned coat.

Part of what makes fashion so fun and flavorful is that you can take something as simple as a T shirt and dress it up. And, you don’t have to make it a T shirt that cost $50 but rather one that is around $10, as long as you’ve opted to pair it with a pair of jeans that are tight around the ankles and a longer, cardigan style sweater that stretches down past your waist and almost whispering past the knees (but not quite). Finish that off with a pair of high heels and some fun, flirty and fashionable plastic bracelets that boast some serious color, and you have a look that is desired without deeming it too expensive to enjoy.

And you can say the same thing about any of those looks, or any looks in general, when you have an eye for fashion, money isn’t going to keep you from looking and living the part.