Classical Music: Certain springtime vintage looks get nice upgrades

Harken back to a day when spring meant school letting out just around the corner, temperatures warming up just enough to lose the heavy duty winter coats and bust out a lighter jacket or a breezy fare of clothing that lends itself toward transitioning away from cold and into the summer nights you knew and loved decades ago.

One of the more popular pieces was the old bomber jacket that had a look and feel of a letterman’s coat that perhaps your boyfriend would wear at school, and you’d partake in putting it on at night. For women, the bomber jacket had its place 20 or 30 years ago, but that was one piece of clothing that had trouble making a comeback, much the same way most fashion does in the cyclical nature that it is.

The bomber, however, is back or at least is inching its way into your closet again, but minus the huge high school lettering or those jackets of the oversized ilk worn by your high school football player boyfriend.
We’re talking about a chic and stylish bomber jacket for spring that sells itself with the two tone color look and feel (think white with a pink, purple or blue color to it) and having that paired with a soft, sheer blouse as part of an ensemble that goes great with a skirt and some fashionable shoes, most likely heels or flat tennis shoes.

The bomber has been reestablished as a pairing winner as not only does it work with the blouse and skirt combo, but also can be used for spring when put together with sandals and some black stretch capri (yoga) pants for a look that is youthful and exuberant and makes that quick trip out or the dress down days that much more desirable, versus pajama pants and whatever else isn’t tied down in the closet.

The tennis shoe look goes great with your bomber and sweat pants, as long as these aren’t “the” sweatpants, the ones you have painted in and slept in and are hanging on to their last piece of cotton or polyester fiber.

To say the bomber is once again the bomb might be pushing it just a bit, but this old throwback, “Grease” like style has been resurrected and revealed to be quite accessible and gives a whole new meaning to the world universal.