Shoe-In: Why summertime is all about the sandal

Spring and summer, for women as far as shoes go, is hands down the season of the sandal.

While that comment certainly is no revelation as it relates to fashion, women and those seasons, you have seen the sandal change as far as its style goes and the popularity of it, but this season that simply won’t happen.

The sandal is superbly welcomed by the masses.

But this year’s sandal for women isn’t quite what you’d expect. When you think sandal, you think flat, between the toes and rarely anything that strikes quite the pose when it is on your foot.

The lace up sandal is the hot shoe of the spring and eventually summer this season, and with good reason. The sandal with that style pops, it is an eye catcher and can’t be overlooked.

The lace up sandal also is unique in how it’s being presented this year, mostly because the sandal scores big with the crowd that likes the idea of dressing down but not missing a beat, either.

So often, you have a hard time finding sandals that you can wear in the spring and summer that don’t look like you’re just tossing something on your feet. The lace up manages to bridge the gap between wearing a long, flowing summer dress and not having to look like you’re dressing down, for example, thanks to the lace up sandal look.

They’re stylish but also look like they could be paired with a more upscale evening attire, and the sandals simply wouldn’t look out of place.

Even the retailers and manufacturers are getting in on the game, as well.

Think about names and brands like Nine West and others of that ilk are playing into the lace up sandal crowd but mostly thanks to runways around the world churning out this sandal this season in ways that match them with quite the color (red, purple seem to be the best and most popular choices for the summer, along with white and teal).

This isn’t to suggest that you still can’t have your sandals in more of a flip flop kind of way but the true revelation is the lace up sandal is lovable due to its versatility, comfortability and the overall ability to be able to step out and look like a million bucks, even if you’re trying to downplay the look that you simply can’t overlook.