Dream Team: Why some odd clothing styles pair well together

Sometimes the oddest of couples make the best pairing.

You can think of the television show, “The Odd Couple,” as the entertainment version of this hypothesis or you can look to sports, food or other mismatches that, when all is said and done, make beautiful music together.

Why would fashion be any different?
Of course, you can’t overlook those pairings that never work, the most famous ones being the like of socks and sandals or always popular blazer or women’s sport coat and those worldly traveled yoga pants that are so easy to wear, yet hardly appropriate in all situations.

But let’s for a minute talk about what does work: the pairings that once were popular and then dismissed but have returned better and bolder (and more popular) then ever.

Take for instance the once beloved 90s trend of wearing a white T shirt underneath a tank top, something that young men rocked in the 1990s (mostly the white T shirt under a basketball jersey), but women also made that look famous with the very thin, spaghetti strap tank look just as desired.

Today, that look has returned with every female celebrity and socialite opting to pull off the early to mid 1990s wardrobe with great ease and functionality, especially with summer having arrived. While some might argue that the look is still outdated or harkens back to a time when pegged pants and pleats also were all the rage, you can’t argue that the fashion trend has awoken in just about every photo featuring anyone that matters or those who are lauded for their love of fashion and who are equally good at wearing just about anything.

Simply put, if they’re wearing it, it must be back in style.

The truth of the matter is as much as the celebrity endorsement helps, you can take just a quick glance at the ensemble and realize that it pairs nicely with skinny jeans and heels or a pair of khaki shorts.

Another wildly popular odd couple in the fashion world are suspenders paired dubbed to pair up with skirts. This is an extremely wanted and desired clothing style for the summer month and surprisingly it doesn’t look out of place or odd whatsoever.

While some styles aren’t meant to come back from the dead, just like some clothes are meant to stay completely separate from one another, you can’t underestimate just how a particular fashion movement or articles of clothing can either return to the forefront or work wonders together.

Surface Plain: Eating right helps skin look superb

As much as the average women centers quite extensively on makeup and skin care products to the point that the industry is a billion dollar one, you’d be hard pressed not to look for other alternatives to keeping your skin looking and feeling great, minus the larger scale price tag.

Anti aging cream, such as Roc brand, Jergens and others of that ilk, tend to give women peace of mind knowing that as you get older, the sun gets brighter and hotter or your skin has the equivalent of dish pan hands: cracked, oily or even a little older than you’d like.

But as much as you want to keep that younger, vibrant look a reality for as long as possible, you can’t underestimate the power of other means of keeping skin looking and feeling the part of a teenager or 20 something women versus being a little older and, perhaps, a little wiser.

That wisdom comes from realizing that as much facial scrub and anti everything options, you still can’t be lax in one element of skin care that often is overlooked: food.

How you eat can play into keeping you young forever and your skin tight and supple well into your middle aged self.

So do foods actually contribute to aging your skin prematurely?


Anything that would be considered spicy could hinder your skin, as some experts argue that it causes body inflammation that shows in your skin with red, patchy marks that you simply can’t ignore based on poor food choices.

Sugar and drinks or foods loaded with artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame or sucralose that you’d find in soda, makes skin look tough and harder, losing that softer appeal that you’re searching for from your skin.

On that same note, coffee also is wonderful if you need a morning or afternoon pick me up, but coffee is known to dehydrate the body and make skin look old, tired and much more worn out than it actually is.

Furthermore, fatty foods clog pores just by eating burgers, French fries or anything high in fat content. That means skin looks oily but also can appear much older. Not only do you pack on the pounds but also the years, apparently.

And when all else fails from food, fall back on a simple routine or regimen you’ve followed (or been told to) since you were a kid: wash your face before bed. That gets rid of all the dirt and extenuating pollution that has piled up on your face, while you’re working to not stuff yours with all the wrong food.