How to find right moisturizer for right price


Moisturizers have quite the tall task ahead of them for the most part as women have so many choices and very little time to make educated decisions.
They may rely on someone they know who’s giving them their opinion.

They may fall back on the person who just gave them a relaxing, soothing facial on their spa day, and what is available at the front desk before they leave for the day.

Or, there’s the inevitable advertising and marketing that trots out one female celebrity after another who touts that this moisturizers from this company is going to make their skin look just as famous and fabulous as theirs (not thinking of course that they’re a paid spokesperson and most likely don’t use the product themselves).

Much the same way the general public views everything from car commercials to weight loss ads promising us the world, you have the same dilemma when it comes to moisturizers. Add to that the average consumer wanting to have flawless, age defying skin for a price that is right and one that isn’t going to break the bank but also lead to some sort of skin breakout in the process, because you went too cheap with your choice.

For moisturizers that give you the best of both worlds (results and price), you might find yourself looking in places that aren’t necessarily the product counter at Macy’s or the special section set aside for Sephora.

Instead, think outside the box and look for bargains that are better then the higher end product price wise but yet still will deliver the moisturizing marvel you’re hoping for each time you use it. Forever 21 is first on our list with their superbly inexpensive moisturizer that hydrates and comes in at less than $10.
From the unknown and remarkable option at Forever 21 to a name that is synonymous with moisturizer and cosmetics in general: Clinique. Almost everything that has that brand name on it is worthwhile, no matter what type of product you’re staring at on the shelves. Clinique has a variety of moisturizers but the one staple that comes in under $20 is the lotion called “Dramatically Different,” and with good reason. It’s remarkable and keeps skin looking firm, young and healthy.

When it comes to moisturizers you can’t help but feel a little confused. But when you look closer, you have to make sure the name is one you can trust but the price works, too. Ingredients such as antioxidants and sunscreen also should be huge flags that you’ve found the best product since your skin thrives on both to keep it looking exactly as you planned.