Falling Stars: Cooler temperatures only bring more sizzle to your style

Fall is one of the more unique seasons in relationship to women’s fashion, specifically just how eclectic of a look you can adopt given that the warmer temperatures haven’t totally evaporated but it’s just cool enough out to start thinking outwear, long sleeves and other pieces of that ilk.

But rest assured that this season is ready to come out swinging with a barrage of items women will love but in the same breath hardly settling on assuming that everything long sleeved or short sleeved, cropped or cliché is going to be acceptable, either.

Would you have thought that certain perceived outdated clothing or oversized pieces would be all the rage? The track suit, the oversized sweats (pants and tops) are starting to find new life this season with women, blending the comfortability and classy piece right before our eyes, a hybrid that all women will be swooning over this Fall.

And as far as that tracksuit is concerned, you can’t overlook that velvet is back and better than ever, whether you’re talking about that ensemble or shoes as well.

The real draw of the Fall fashion trend seems to rely a lot on dressing that is casual and easy, dresses that flow and not form fitting and patterns being more popular than solid colors at this very moment.

That casual dress also applies to what can only be considered somewhat groundbreaking as far as denim is concerned. Most of the top fashion brands are giving us denim that is unique and somewhat falls into that comfortable look that was mentioned previously with other pieces. Today’s denim is more about looking like a home economics class for beginners in some respects with jeans portraying a very ragged, brought look to them. Some look as those they were pieced together like a grandmother’s quilt, with some patches different colors than the entirety of the jeans themselves.

And as long as we’re on the subject of denim, you can’t begin to look past denim jackets as well being a hot item that was once old and is now new again. Coats in general for practical reasons will begin to be purchased in the next few months to combat colder temperatures as winter approaches but the hot looks focus on a military style of jacket, lots of buttons and looks very structured and stylish, a bit different than the comfort that almost certainly has defined Fall fashion.

The best way to describe the direction women’s fashion is going in the Fall is to simply say it really doesn’t have any. And, don’t take that as a bad thing but rather a sign that style and fashion for Fall is flawless in a fiery, unpredictable way.