Breaking Ground: Why the wind breaking is taking the world by storm again

Very few clothing has any sort of staying power. Most of it, at best, is a flash in the pan, cyclical and any other phrase you can think of that elicits a response that 15 minutes of fame came, and went quickly.

And then, there’s that piece of clothing for women that simply wasn’t even popular or highly coveted when it was supposedly at its peak, but yet managed to stay around and relevant during a particular decade or time period.

What’s even crazier to think is how that same description of that same item, despite all its epic fails and negative talk, is now on the verge of making a comeback.

And with that, say hello to one of the hotter items this fall: the windbreaker.

Ironically, the windbreaker typically shunned but yet the question arises that someone had to buy it for it to remain popular, bringing up questions as to whether they were being kept a secret in your closet and worn quietly so you weren’t dubbed as the person who actually liked it.

Now, the windbreaker is flying high and is being talked about as the one accessories that everyone is on the cusp of wearing as the weather turns cooler this Fall.

Ironically, the popularity and resurgence of the windbreaker in 2016 shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise as women’s fashion also has embraced more of a casual look that has the windbreaker being paired with designer sweat pants and oversized hoodies, creating a look that is so comfortable at first glance but somehow manages to pull off chic as well.

Is it truly possible that the windbreaker is going to be lauded and loved as the most important jacket you’ll buy for the Fall.

While you might have a hard time fathoming that fact, the truth is the jacket that you loved to hate or pretended to not have is trending in the right direction with women. And as many jokes the windbreaker has had to endure or the fodder that it became since you once could get one for free from the bank for opening a checking account, the fact is this jacket is now being christened as the fashion statement for the Fall, the one women have been clamoring for, along with the sweats, sweat shirts and hoodies, to show that cooler temperatures don’t have to greeted with clothing that is cumbersome but rather comfy and widely considered as stylish.