Gym Neighbors: How to cozy up to workout clothes for every day wear

Exercise and fashion never really were too cozy with one another until recently.

Think about it when you see an older television show or movie, something from say 25 or 30 years ago, and exercise was part of a scene.

The leotards, the leopard, the high waisted, well, everything and the ridiculous print that was doing step aerobics or power walking, and you can imagine how laughable it would be to suggest that type of exercise attire would be useful anywhere else but the gym.

Fast forward to modern day, and women’s fashion has embraced exercise clothing as more than just suitable for the health club or gym, and instead have started to piece together clothing you can work out and pour sweat into, yet still toss that same outfit on just to look casual on a day trip or wear it out without looking like you absolutely have to be heading to the gym.

Look no further than mainstream, A list actor Kate Hudson and her “Fabletics” line of clothing that is equal parts fitness and fun with leggings, zip up jackets and even dress skirts that would be fit for a weekend or the tennis court, take your pick.

She isn’t the only one who has embarked on this women’s fashion trend of simply merging fitness and fashion together so to be equal parts stylish and practical with every piece of clothing you buy.

More importantly, you can have clothing that is versatile at best, with a full body warm up that warms your heart as a duel threat within the confines of your closet.

The windbreaker, once a 1990s staple, made a roaring comeback as not only gym clothing but every day outwear wear. This could easily be your jacket as brands such as Columbia have fought hard to break the stigma as a skier’s paradise or for someone that is only athletic and doesn’t care about being stylish as well.

And to finish off the perfect non-exercise slash exercise outfit: the shoes, right?

Sneakers work great, and the propensity to wear them with dresses is fine, but why not casual up your outfit and pair them with khaki pants or navy slacks. The look that is trending quite nicely is a longer pant over the shoe so the tip is all that is showing (now you don’t even realize it’s a sneaker).

In addition to “Fabletics,” and the other aforementioned products, you also want to consider other options when thinking workout clothes and other fashion accessories of that ilk to beef up your closet and feel comfy and chic at the same time.