Neck Pains: Is the turtleneck still relevant and fashionable?

For the better part of the last four decades, the turtleneck has always been somewhat of a staple in your closet. Particularly for women, when worn a little snug, always created quite a stir and exuded a sense of style and fashion for those who wore it correctly (and not like an oversized sweatshirt).

But the turtleneck, although never completely gone or forgotten, lost its traction as something you’d consider trendy. Most of the 2000s ignored the turtleneck for women (and men to some degree), and it faded into relative obscurity as a result.

Fashion is cyclical and as the 1970s style starts to make a comeback in the modern day so too does the tight, form fitting turtleneck that rose to prominence around that same time.

The trick to turtlenecks and what pains most women is the inability to wear them properly as they tend to still gravitate toward a looser, more blouse like look to them when the intention all along was to wear them as more of a garment to hug your body.

Now, the question remains: what do you wear them with?

The 1990s saw turtlenecks paired with jeans, but denim has come a long way since the high-waisted crowd some 25 plus years ago, but you’d be surprised to find out exactly what makes the perfect complement.

Ironically, high-waisted is the way to go as far as what to pair your turtleneck with, but rather than harken back to the “mom jeans,” you should be more inclined to go with high-waisted miniskirts or long, pleated ones that give the turtleneck pairing quite the sense of elegance mixed with a casual look that works for drinks out on a Friday to day to day work attire at the office.

Today’s high-waisted jeans, too, also are going to do wonders for that look as well, just as long as they’re a little more snug than the aforementioned “mom jeans.”

Turtlenecks also are flourishing when pieced with a blazer, a classic look that is been revitalized by not only the turtleneck coming back into prominence but also the traditional black and navy blue blazer being tabbed as two essentials that should be found in every woman’s closet.

Who knows how long the turtleneck is going to enjoy this rebirth of sorts, but for now simply enjoy a classic fashion piece for what it is, as long as you’re wearing it they way it was intended to be.