Brow Beaten: How to get best eyebrows possible

Sometimes, when frustration abounds and your makeup and skin care regimen gets the better of you, one particular part of your face suffers.

Your eyebrows.

Navigating to the best eyebrows you’ve ever had can be painfully difficult especially if you’re not exactly working with a blank canvas.

That “blank canvas” means you’ve already plucked, tweezed and pulled, waxed and maneuvered your eyebrows into something that you just wish and want to press the reset button and start from scratch.

And to be able to do that is where the frustration lies: you have to avoid trying to keep picking at the wounds that are your eyebrows and let them grow out for a little bit. The time frame is debatable but you should wait at least a month or two before you start digging around above you eyes again.

Tweezing and pulling is only going to set you back even farther, so being able to show that restrain while your brows go wild might be your first ticket to getting the look you’re desiring.

If you want to help expedite the brows and get them to grow a little faster, there are products that do that, and they’ll turn those months of waiting, wishing and hoping into a thicker, fuller brow that is something you can work with versus that oh, so long wait time.

Now, you aren’t going to be able to hide out in your room or at the office while you go through your eyebrow transition period, so you’ll need the likes of Maybelline and others of that ilk to get your from A to Z, minus the awkward period.

Think about when you get a short haircut, and you love it. Then, you get it cut again and you’re not loving it as much as you realize that as you grow it out, you’ll reach that period when your hair isn’t short and cute anymore, nor is it long but some hodgepodge of a middle ground that you just want to be over and done with and have your long hair back.

The same goes for eyebrows, so using fillers and penciling in products is going to be a lifesaver as you fake your way from pruned down eyebrows to growing them out again and withstanding that period of time when your eyebrows look, well, odd.

You’ll eventually get the eyebrows you want, and they’ll be your own but as you work through your trials and tribulations of plucking and parting ways with your patience but ultimately finding happiness when your eyebrows are your work of art again.