Relevant Rapport: Why some fashion seems to have real staying power

Wouldn’t it be great if women’s fashion, for the average person, could stay the same?

Now, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck in a certain decade or clothing style to the point that your flared jeans from the 1970s never had a “down” period but rather if certain pieces of clothing are staples to the point where they seemingly never go out of style and are always relevant to the point where they have something most pieces of clothing don’t.

Staying power.

As much as you assume most clothing, fashion or style pieces only have so much shelf life, some articles of clothing, accessories, tops or bottoms stand the test of time, and those are what most women tend to buy as the tent poles of sorts and then begin building out from those items.

For instance, think about your outwear, the kind of jacket or coat that can be a win for women and can have duality in that you can pair it with dress clothes but also pull it out of the closet as you’re racing out the door in jeans and a sweatshirt. One article of clothing that fits that mold is the women’s trench coat, the tan, khaki version.

Another article of clothing that, ten times out of ten, will be in the closet of a woman is the classic, time tested and terrific white, long sleeved button up dress shirt. The fabric of the shirt can be anything from sheer to cotton, but the fact remains that this shirt can be paired with jeans, dress pants, sneakers or pumps, without so much as a flinch from a fashion expert all the way down to your best friend who compliments you on how many times you’ve worn the shirt, and that be a good thing.

Finally, how many times have you seen a party invitation or had a black dress event that asked you to wear just that in both instances? That’s why the black dress is always something you should have on deck so to speak and be readily available for just that reason. Every woman has been in that predicament when they have to find a dress for a party where the dress code is upscale, and they go back to a favorite of theirs when they aren’t exactly in the right frame of mind to scour their closets. The black dress is always the salvation for style they turn to in that instance.

As cyclical as fashion can be, there is some clothing that bucks that notion quite well.

Falling Stars: Cooler temperatures only bring more sizzle to your style

Fall is one of the more unique seasons in relationship to women’s fashion, specifically just how eclectic of a look you can adopt given that the warmer temperatures haven’t totally evaporated but it’s just cool enough out to start thinking outwear, long sleeves and other pieces of that ilk.

But rest assured that this season is ready to come out swinging with a barrage of items women will love but in the same breath hardly settling on assuming that everything long sleeved or short sleeved, cropped or cliché is going to be acceptable, either.

Would you have thought that certain perceived outdated clothing or oversized pieces would be all the rage? The track suit, the oversized sweats (pants and tops) are starting to find new life this season with women, blending the comfortability and classy piece right before our eyes, a hybrid that all women will be swooning over this Fall.

And as far as that tracksuit is concerned, you can’t overlook that velvet is back and better than ever, whether you’re talking about that ensemble or shoes as well.

The real draw of the Fall fashion trend seems to rely a lot on dressing that is casual and easy, dresses that flow and not form fitting and patterns being more popular than solid colors at this very moment.

That casual dress also applies to what can only be considered somewhat groundbreaking as far as denim is concerned. Most of the top fashion brands are giving us denim that is unique and somewhat falls into that comfortable look that was mentioned previously with other pieces. Today’s denim is more about looking like a home economics class for beginners in some respects with jeans portraying a very ragged, brought look to them. Some look as those they were pieced together like a grandmother’s quilt, with some patches different colors than the entirety of the jeans themselves.

And as long as we’re on the subject of denim, you can’t begin to look past denim jackets as well being a hot item that was once old and is now new again. Coats in general for practical reasons will begin to be purchased in the next few months to combat colder temperatures as winter approaches but the hot looks focus on a military style of jacket, lots of buttons and looks very structured and stylish, a bit different than the comfort that almost certainly has defined Fall fashion.

The best way to describe the direction women’s fashion is going in the Fall is to simply say it really doesn’t have any. And, don’t take that as a bad thing but rather a sign that style and fashion for Fall is flawless in a fiery, unpredictable way.

My Pixie Haircut Disaster : That I’m Keeping

When my first baby began to crawl and pull at things, I quickly realized that my long hair needed to go. Time after time the tiny little peanut had all but ripped chunks of it out while nursing, and although I loved it, I knew my long locks had met their match. In high school and college I cut my own hair most of the time, kind of like a hobby. I did my mom’s on several occasions and always colored her hair. So, taking off a few inches while the baby napped seemed easy enough. I grabbed my hair scissors and decided to get busy.

I took about two inches off my hair on both sides and came to a place in which I needed some assistance. I couldn’t seem to get the back straight; regardless of what position I put the mirror in or how I cut it. This is when somewhere in my brain I decided it was a good idea to ask my husband for assistance with my little project. I gave him what seemed like simple instructions to basically cut in a straight line across the back of my head. Somehow, after messing with it for what seemed like eternity, he spun me around to view his handiwork only. It was then that I realized that he literally had bushwhacked my hair!

The back was now a good two inches shorter than the sides, now equivalent with the middle of my earlobe. Bless his heart, as I had no idea how he thought this was a good plan, but my heart began to race as I realized how ridiculous this was destined to look. A quick call to my dear friend was answered by her timely arrival to rectify the situation, however, between everyone’s laughing and crying at the mess, the end result was truly mortifying. By the time she went home my precious long locks were at thing of the past and I was now the proud owner of a pixie cut. Note to self, never let the untrained husband or best friend take a turn with the scissors on your hair!

Of course, as you can see, I have decided to keep this style – it’s “grown” on me LOL

The Poop Dress And The Watermelon

Going to prom was one of the most exciting things to do when I was in high school. I can remember going to the local bridal boutique to pick from their vast array of dresses and hitting the mall for accessories to match. It was truly a joy that I looked forward to experiencing with my own daughter. Imagine my excitement then when my daughter was asked to the senior prom at a local high school. I couldn’t wait to get our shopping on!! Funny thing though, today’s dresses are not only cost twice the money, but come with less fabric!

Three days into our shopping adventure, my daughter and I both were trashed. We had hit the local shops in town only to find dresses ticketed double the price as the ones in the mall. The ones in the mall were so revealing that tape would be required to keep her boobs actually in the dress or they had a back “V” that lead the eyes to places not to be flashed around freely on the dance floor. Overwhelmed and ready to give in, we decided to hit one last store an hour from home. Within minutes of arrival we found a gorgeously designed gown that looked as if it was made for her, however, it was the worst possible color! It was like a dirty brown, or as we called it “the poop dress”.

The sales person confirmed our worst fears, the dress was only available in “poop” color, or we could wait a month for the right color to be delivered. Sadly, we loaded up and headed home feeling defeated. As we entered our neighborhood and were driveway bound, my cell phone rang. It was the sales person from the store. Apparently, they had just received an unexpected shipment of dresses and within it was THE dress, only in watermelon instead of poop! We quickly turned ourselves around and headed back to snatch up a watermelon! As we headed back down the street, my daughter said as serious as can be “I’d much rather be a watermelon than a piece of poop!” Who could blame her!!

The Accidental Twin T Shirts

There is a saying that proclaims, “great minds think alike”. This couldn’t possibly have been truer than when my childhood best friend and I decided to take our families camping together. The weather was a bit chilly, but not really too terribly cold so I decided to pack just one long sleeve t-shirt and the rest my comfy cotton short sleeved. An unexpected cold front hit the campground one night as we slept and we awoke to a chilly morning. We moms took of to hit the showers, leaving the dads to feed the masses. My friend and I snatched up two different sides of the bathroom to shower and get ready in. Imagine our great surprise to come around the corner and discover that we had on exactly the same outfit!

At the time we lived an hour apart and we rarely had the opportunity to spend time together, hence the camping trip. Neither of us had a clue that the other one had purchased the identical shirt. The sad part was that it was so cold and neither one of us actually brought a second long sleeve shirt! We vowed to stay at the campground that day as to not be spotted in town dressed like bizarre twins, as we already had similar features and almost identical eyeglasses. As it was, the campground host had already asked us when we arrived if we were sisters. Our plan was met with success, well, that is until suppertime when my middle child took a nasty spill on his bicycle that required a trip to the emergency room. Can you guess who had to take him?