Fashion Faux Pas: When women’s fashion goes too far

Everyone has seen some sort of photo of a particular fashion trend for women and thought, despite claims that this is the new “go to look” or what’s in style, the outfit, top, bottom or accessory was just a bit off the mark.

And in some cases, you miss the mark completely.

That’s how it goes with fashion when you think about what’s in and what’s out, what’s hot or not and then put into perspective everything from opinions to designers and everyone else who has a voice in this discussion.

But you can spot a fashion trend that is equally hot at the time, and then watch it simply go too far, over the proverbial deep end with one too many tweaks to it, and then what you have it a disastrous amount of feedback, backlash and negative reviews that take the popularity of an item and send it packing.

Case in point: mom jeans.

Yes, those often parodied and laughable jeans that fit high on the waist and made your backside look like the side of a barn are back in full force to the tune of a renaissance in popularity for women. The new version of the “mom jeans” hardly resemble their throwback and are much more stylish and modern than the jeans that rocked the 1990s.

One online retailer is now touting mom jeans with a twist that no one wants: clear panels at the knees. In a style revolt that looks like mom jeans meets mom’s kitchen Saran Wrap, these jeans at the knees are clear, just in the event you just busted out some serious knee exercises and decided to show them off like your tight calf muscles in high heels.

Topshop is taking claim for these jeans at the moment, and their just under $100 price tag. They’re also available at Nordstrom as well, so they’re not a homemade pair of denim by any means with the backing of both retailers.

Topshot has garnered a reputation of being superbly cool and chic with what they offer, so this move might take down their fashion street credibility down a few notches, but this is clearly a case of fashion going too far and trying too hard to create a buzz and be different.

Kudos for the effort but sometimes different isn’t always better, and this case what was obviously intended to be a jolt to your jeans turned into more of a denim disaster on a national scale.

Neck Pains: Is the turtleneck still relevant and fashionable?

For the better part of the last four decades, the turtleneck has always been somewhat of a staple in your closet. Particularly for women, when worn a little snug, always created quite a stir and exuded a sense of style and fashion for those who wore it correctly (and not like an oversized sweatshirt).

But the turtleneck, although never completely gone or forgotten, lost its traction as something you’d consider trendy. Most of the 2000s ignored the turtleneck for women (and men to some degree), and it faded into relative obscurity as a result.

Fashion is cyclical and as the 1970s style starts to make a comeback in the modern day so too does the tight, form fitting turtleneck that rose to prominence around that same time.

The trick to turtlenecks and what pains most women is the inability to wear them properly as they tend to still gravitate toward a looser, more blouse like look to them when the intention all along was to wear them as more of a garment to hug your body.

Now, the question remains: what do you wear them with?

The 1990s saw turtlenecks paired with jeans, but denim has come a long way since the high-waisted crowd some 25 plus years ago, but you’d be surprised to find out exactly what makes the perfect complement.

Ironically, high-waisted is the way to go as far as what to pair your turtleneck with, but rather than harken back to the “mom jeans,” you should be more inclined to go with high-waisted miniskirts or long, pleated ones that give the turtleneck pairing quite the sense of elegance mixed with a casual look that works for drinks out on a Friday to day to day work attire at the office.

Today’s high-waisted jeans, too, also are going to do wonders for that look as well, just as long as they’re a little more snug than the aforementioned “mom jeans.”

Turtlenecks also are flourishing when pieced with a blazer, a classic look that is been revitalized by not only the turtleneck coming back into prominence but also the traditional black and navy blue blazer being tabbed as two essentials that should be found in every woman’s closet.

Who knows how long the turtleneck is going to enjoy this rebirth of sorts, but for now simply enjoy a classic fashion piece for what it is, as long as you’re wearing it they way it was intended to be.

Sweater Invested: How to know what sweater works for Fall?

Any woman who has tried to assemble some sort of Fall fashion wardrobe knows they simply can’t overlook or, in some cases, avoid one particular item as the weather cools but yet still wanting your style to stay red hot.

Say hello to either your best friend or your enemy: the sweater.

The problem, or why you’d refer to the sweater as an avoidance, is because this particular garment can be everything you hate about clothing, starting with the fabric and ending with buying the type that can make you look bigger and frumpier than you’d ever want to be.

But you love what the sweater signifies: it’s Fall, leaves are changing and the weather is cool, brilliantly comfortable, just like your sweater, and even when winter rolls through, the sweater is all about practically keeping you warm.

So how does one find a sweater that suits them with all the positives and yet finds a way to dismiss the negatives? For starters, the sweater has to get past a lot of misconceptions, such as the idea of it being oversized as a bad thing or that wearing a sweater means you’ve essentially decided to give up on the day from a fashion standpoint, so you’re throwing in the towel by tossing on a top that isn’t rooted ini style.

Wrong, and wrong.

The sweater you want to focus on for this Fall are the styles that not only resonate with all women and yet still are lauded by those who intently read about Fashion Week and see all the trends.

This season’s sweater selection is superb, most of which at first glance look simple but actually have just enough flare to be flagged as differently exquisite. Take for instance two specific styles: the oversized sleeves and the off the shoulder look.

The oversized sleeves are showcased on an other wise simple crew or V neck sweater but the sleeves stand out as being exactly what you want out of a sweater: that style mixed so perfectly and effortlessly with comfort.

The off the shoulder look often is a sweater that is oversized, but when paired with a light colored camisole and skinny, straight legged jeans, you have a winning outfit ten times out of ten.

And as far as the color goes, you’d be hard pressed not to talk to a fashion expert who isn’t sold on pink as the color of choice this Fall.

So between pink being fun and flirty, and plenty of styles to choose from that are anything but plain, you’d be wise not to sweat, or sweater, the small stuff and feel free to wear with unbridled confidence.

Gym Neighbors: How to cozy up to workout clothes for every day wear

Exercise and fashion never really were too cozy with one another until recently.

Think about it when you see an older television show or movie, something from say 25 or 30 years ago, and exercise was part of a scene.

The leotards, the leopard, the high waisted, well, everything and the ridiculous print that was doing step aerobics or power walking, and you can imagine how laughable it would be to suggest that type of exercise attire would be useful anywhere else but the gym.

Fast forward to modern day, and women’s fashion has embraced exercise clothing as more than just suitable for the health club or gym, and instead have started to piece together clothing you can work out and pour sweat into, yet still toss that same outfit on just to look casual on a day trip or wear it out without looking like you absolutely have to be heading to the gym.

Look no further than mainstream, A list actor Kate Hudson and her “Fabletics” line of clothing that is equal parts fitness and fun with leggings, zip up jackets and even dress skirts that would be fit for a weekend or the tennis court, take your pick.

She isn’t the only one who has embarked on this women’s fashion trend of simply merging fitness and fashion together so to be equal parts stylish and practical with every piece of clothing you buy.

More importantly, you can have clothing that is versatile at best, with a full body warm up that warms your heart as a duel threat within the confines of your closet.

The windbreaker, once a 1990s staple, made a roaring comeback as not only gym clothing but every day outwear wear. This could easily be your jacket as brands such as Columbia have fought hard to break the stigma as a skier’s paradise or for someone that is only athletic and doesn’t care about being stylish as well.

And to finish off the perfect non-exercise slash exercise outfit: the shoes, right?

Sneakers work great, and the propensity to wear them with dresses is fine, but why not casual up your outfit and pair them with khaki pants or navy slacks. The look that is trending quite nicely is a longer pant over the shoe so the tip is all that is showing (now you don’t even realize it’s a sneaker).

In addition to “Fabletics,” and the other aforementioned products, you also want to consider other options when thinking workout clothes and other fashion accessories of that ilk to beef up your closet and feel comfy and chic at the same time.

Natural Beauty: How to look stunning with subtle makeup choices

The phrase “less is better” has applied to countless situations or settings, but have you ever considered that mantra for your makeup choices, namely how you apply foundation.

Makeup often times can be balancing act that goes far too much to the side of using far more than you need to for a variety of reasons.

So many wonderful products, so little surface area to work with, or perhaps you just have something about how you do your makeup that plays into an insecurity you believe present with your skin. Maybe you just like the way it looks, too.

But when it comes to foundation, you have to think opposite of what the word itself “foundation” actually would suggest. If you’re building a foundation for a home, you often hear the term “solid foundation,” but makeup is a tad different.

Sure, the foundation should be rock solid, but that doesn’t always mean overkill is in the works, either. Sometimes thinking less often leads to more of a blend with your skin tone and a more subtle way to pull off that glowing face, minus the caked on look that could permeate as a result of wearing your foundation incorrectly.

Powdered foundation often is one of the more reliable culprits as it doesn’t adhere well to your face or the subsequent makeup you’re about to add. The liquid foundations are more natural looking, quite frankly, and are more compatible with various forms of makeup more so than the powdered alternative.

Again, using the building a house analogy, foundation is key but it only works when you dig, level and then build. In the case of foundation as far as makeup application goes, you can’t put on foundation if your skin isn’t ready for it.

By that, you’ll want to wash it thoroughly and make sure it is bone dry. Also, if you have patches of dry skin that are more noticeable than other spots on your face, try an overnight mask or a treatment before you apply makeup. The 24 hours could make a world of difference to how that foundation stays put. Moisturizing helps more than you’d imagine and often overlooked in general and specifically in this situation. Anything you can do to clean, prep and then start applying foundation is going to be night and day versus skin that is oily, rigid and dry.

Foundation is so paramount to piecing together the look you want, and your makeup will thank you for giving it a platform to work as advertised and leave you looking your very best.

Spring Timing: Why your closet is asking to be cleaned out

We’ve all heard the term spring cleaning, and for the majority of people it means tossing aside what you don’t use, what you haven’t used in a while or perhaps a lot of items that can be better served as part of a garage sale.

But have you ever thought about spring cleaning as it relates to cleaning out your closets and getting yourself better prepared for this particular season as far as fashion goes?

Most women are quite adept at being able to cycle their clothing fairly easily and quickly, but you can’t argue the point that some of our clothing tends to linger, with a propensity to hang on to what we believe to be fashionable but has worn out its welcome.

Case in point for spring: plaid has supplanted the plain, solid colored tops this season, and along with your boring shirts going bye bye, you can say so long to your pumps and hello to your flats.

Another top that is taking center stage isn’t your sporty and fun tank as that has been outperformed by something that spring has wrapped its seasonable arms around, and that is the camisole top that is lacy and remarkably lovely.

Pants are more of the same with a tweak of sorts to what you already love: crop pants. Only instead of a tapered look, you’ll want to focus on the crop flare as your fancy, and that simply means you’ll have a little more room around your lower leg and exhibit a flare for the flare. Those longer flare pants aren’t as reveled as spring arrives.

As for accessories, spring is all about the backpack. Yes, you can harken back to the days of school, only instead of some ridiculously clumsy and nylon backpack you can sport a stylish version of the modern day backpack, complete with some sort of flare in the form of a studded look (gold is a hot option this spring).

Jewelry is another point of interest with small being the big seller this spring. Gone are the large, gaudy rings and necklaces in favor of something a little more understated, yet wholeheartedly amazing with its appeal, minus the eye popping nature of what looks like costume jewelry due to its size.

Spring is all about rebirth, new beginnings and being able to change what you didn’t so much like during colder temperatures. Your fashion and style should speak to birds chirping, flowers growing and all things spring including your much-needed foray into your forgettable closet.

Worn In: What women are wearing right this second

If you blink, you might miss it. The “it” is women’s fashion and what women are wearing right as this very second, because fashion is so fast paced that what is hot one season is completely not the next, and with that, you’ll have those stylish trends for most likely a short amount of time, so why not enjoy these looks while you can.

For starters, if you’ve noticed a lot of missing hands, don’t be alarmed because that is just the fashion world for women telling you that extra long sleeves are back in style with a serious bang (and no, that isn’t the sound of your hand being blown off your body, so don’t fret).

Instead, long sleeves are all the rage at the moment, but be careful what you ultimately pair them with since long sleeves look baggy, of course, so you’ll want to match it with tighter fitting pants, jeans or even a skirt.

From shirts to accessories, have you examined your purse or handbag lately? If you’re still carrying around a purse or handbag that is medium size and the proverbial status quo, you might want to downsize a bit to stay trendy.

And relax, because we’re not suggesting you start getting rid of your beloved purses or handbags (second only to your shoes, right?) but rather start adding a little more contemporary to what you’re carrying.

The mini bags are becoming more popular, and women have flocked to them for two reasons: they’re chic and in style right now but also are forcing you to make some hard decisions about limiting what you feel you need to carry around from one day to the next.

The oversized bags, too, are working their magic and still remain a solid alternative to the mini, so large and small still work but stay away from what looks to be about average size.

Finally, for what is left of the cold, blustery winter, why not have a jacket that is totally current? The puffer jacket is jamming to its own beat, since oversized typically isn’t equated with stylish but this coat is king of the outerwear jungle, no doubt. It’s oversized but go with a specialized print and not a solid color and pair it with, well, anything since being cozy is never going out of style.

The fashion world doesn’t wait for anyone and is ever changing, so with that pay close attention to the here in now and take solace in knowing that you’ll at least be able to love and adore this style for as long as it is fashionable to do so.

Relevant Rapport: Why some fashion seems to have real staying power

Wouldn’t it be great if women’s fashion, for the average person, could stay the same?

Now, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck in a certain decade or clothing style to the point that your flared jeans from the 1970s never had a “down” period but rather if certain pieces of clothing are staples to the point where they seemingly never go out of style and are always relevant to the point where they have something most pieces of clothing don’t.

Staying power.

As much as you assume most clothing, fashion or style pieces only have so much shelf life, some articles of clothing, accessories, tops or bottoms stand the test of time, and those are what most women tend to buy as the tent poles of sorts and then begin building out from those items.

For instance, think about your outwear, the kind of jacket or coat that can be a win for women and can have duality in that you can pair it with dress clothes but also pull it out of the closet as you’re racing out the door in jeans and a sweatshirt. One article of clothing that fits that mold is the women’s trench coat, the tan, khaki version.

Another article of clothing that, ten times out of ten, will be in the closet of a woman is the classic, time tested and terrific white, long sleeved button up dress shirt. The fabric of the shirt can be anything from sheer to cotton, but the fact remains that this shirt can be paired with jeans, dress pants, sneakers or pumps, without so much as a flinch from a fashion expert all the way down to your best friend who compliments you on how many times you’ve worn the shirt, and that be a good thing.

Finally, how many times have you seen a party invitation or had a black dress event that asked you to wear just that in both instances? That’s why the black dress is always something you should have on deck so to speak and be readily available for just that reason. Every woman has been in that predicament when they have to find a dress for a party where the dress code is upscale, and they go back to a favorite of theirs when they aren’t exactly in the right frame of mind to scour their closets. The black dress is always the salvation for style they turn to in that instance.

As cyclical as fashion can be, there is some clothing that bucks that notion quite well.

Brow Beaten: How to get best eyebrows possible

Sometimes, when frustration abounds and your makeup and skin care regimen gets the better of you, one particular part of your face suffers.

Your eyebrows.

Navigating to the best eyebrows you’ve ever had can be painfully difficult especially if you’re not exactly working with a blank canvas.

That “blank canvas” means you’ve already plucked, tweezed and pulled, waxed and maneuvered your eyebrows into something that you just wish and want to press the reset button and start from scratch.

And to be able to do that is where the frustration lies: you have to avoid trying to keep picking at the wounds that are your eyebrows and let them grow out for a little bit. The time frame is debatable but you should wait at least a month or two before you start digging around above you eyes again.

Tweezing and pulling is only going to set you back even farther, so being able to show that restrain while your brows go wild might be your first ticket to getting the look you’re desiring.

If you want to help expedite the brows and get them to grow a little faster, there are products that do that, and they’ll turn those months of waiting, wishing and hoping into a thicker, fuller brow that is something you can work with versus that oh, so long wait time.

Now, you aren’t going to be able to hide out in your room or at the office while you go through your eyebrow transition period, so you’ll need the likes of Maybelline and others of that ilk to get your from A to Z, minus the awkward period.

Think about when you get a short haircut, and you love it. Then, you get it cut again and you’re not loving it as much as you realize that as you grow it out, you’ll reach that period when your hair isn’t short and cute anymore, nor is it long but some hodgepodge of a middle ground that you just want to be over and done with and have your long hair back.

The same goes for eyebrows, so using fillers and penciling in products is going to be a lifesaver as you fake your way from pruned down eyebrows to growing them out again and withstanding that period of time when your eyebrows look, well, odd.

You’ll eventually get the eyebrows you want, and they’ll be your own but as you work through your trials and tribulations of plucking and parting ways with your patience but ultimately finding happiness when your eyebrows are your work of art again.

Breaking Ground: Why the wind breaking is taking the world by storm again

Very few clothing has any sort of staying power. Most of it, at best, is a flash in the pan, cyclical and any other phrase you can think of that elicits a response that 15 minutes of fame came, and went quickly.

And then, there’s that piece of clothing for women that simply wasn’t even popular or highly coveted when it was supposedly at its peak, but yet managed to stay around and relevant during a particular decade or time period.

What’s even crazier to think is how that same description of that same item, despite all its epic fails and negative talk, is now on the verge of making a comeback.

And with that, say hello to one of the hotter items this fall: the windbreaker.

Ironically, the windbreaker typically shunned but yet the question arises that someone had to buy it for it to remain popular, bringing up questions as to whether they were being kept a secret in your closet and worn quietly so you weren’t dubbed as the person who actually liked it.

Now, the windbreaker is flying high and is being talked about as the one accessories that everyone is on the cusp of wearing as the weather turns cooler this Fall.

Ironically, the popularity and resurgence of the windbreaker in 2016 shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise as women’s fashion also has embraced more of a casual look that has the windbreaker being paired with designer sweat pants and oversized hoodies, creating a look that is so comfortable at first glance but somehow manages to pull off chic as well.

Is it truly possible that the windbreaker is going to be lauded and loved as the most important jacket you’ll buy for the Fall.

While you might have a hard time fathoming that fact, the truth is the jacket that you loved to hate or pretended to not have is trending in the right direction with women. And as many jokes the windbreaker has had to endure or the fodder that it became since you once could get one for free from the bank for opening a checking account, the fact is this jacket is now being christened as the fashion statement for the Fall, the one women have been clamoring for, along with the sweats, sweat shirts and hoodies, to show that cooler temperatures don’t have to greeted with clothing that is cumbersome but rather comfy and widely considered as stylish.