Youth Movement: Start keeping your skin flawless even at 20-something

Much the same way your average 20 year old doesn’t think a whole lot about retirement or saving for it, you have to assume that a 20 year old woman isn’t exactly concerned overly about keeping her skin looking young.

Why, you ask? Well, mostly because you’re already young, so the idea of buying or spending money on products that promise you the fountain of youth seems to be falling on deaf ears.

At least for the moment.

If you’re in your 20s and you start saving for retirement, chances are you’ll have two things going for you: retiring early and having more money because you got out in front quite well of the whole saving money initiative.

The same could be said for the woman who is going to take great care of her skin even though being in your 20s would suggest that isn’t quite a huge priority at the moment.

So how exactly do you take care of your skin when you’re young? What steps would you take to get out in front of getting older by starting right away?

You’d be wise to, first and foremost, take inventory of the type of products you’re using as it relates to things like face wash and moisturizer. Let’s call it the ability to rid yourself of those childish products that you might be using.

Any woman in her 30s, 40s and 50s will tell you that face wash is something they take great pride in the what they use to wash their face. They’ll also be quick to point out that they don’t use plain, old soap on their face and rather seriously upgrade to something that is a little more rooted in the kind of ingredients you want to see in a “grown up” face wash, something that is going to strip the oil away from their face every time they use it, for example.

A good moisturizer also is going to make a huge difference, as well, and you should look for products rich in protective antioxidants to keep the skin in the best possible shape. Skin dries out easily, so the combination of a superb and competent face wash and a moisturizer is simply the recipe for youthful looking skin that, granted, is already young but definitely will stay that way for years to come.

How to find right moisturizer for right price


Moisturizers have quite the tall task ahead of them for the most part as women have so many choices and very little time to make educated decisions.
They may rely on someone they know who’s giving them their opinion.

They may fall back on the person who just gave them a relaxing, soothing facial on their spa day, and what is available at the front desk before they leave for the day.

Or, there’s the inevitable advertising and marketing that trots out one female celebrity after another who touts that this moisturizers from this company is going to make their skin look just as famous and fabulous as theirs (not thinking of course that they’re a paid spokesperson and most likely don’t use the product themselves).

Much the same way the general public views everything from car commercials to weight loss ads promising us the world, you have the same dilemma when it comes to moisturizers. Add to that the average consumer wanting to have flawless, age defying skin for a price that is right and one that isn’t going to break the bank but also lead to some sort of skin breakout in the process, because you went too cheap with your choice.

For moisturizers that give you the best of both worlds (results and price), you might find yourself looking in places that aren’t necessarily the product counter at Macy’s or the special section set aside for Sephora.

Instead, think outside the box and look for bargains that are better then the higher end product price wise but yet still will deliver the moisturizing marvel you’re hoping for each time you use it. Forever 21 is first on our list with their superbly inexpensive moisturizer that hydrates and comes in at less than $10.
From the unknown and remarkable option at Forever 21 to a name that is synonymous with moisturizer and cosmetics in general: Clinique. Almost everything that has that brand name on it is worthwhile, no matter what type of product you’re staring at on the shelves. Clinique has a variety of moisturizers but the one staple that comes in under $20 is the lotion called “Dramatically Different,” and with good reason. It’s remarkable and keeps skin looking firm, young and healthy.

When it comes to moisturizers you can’t help but feel a little confused. But when you look closer, you have to make sure the name is one you can trust but the price works, too. Ingredients such as antioxidants and sunscreen also should be huge flags that you’ve found the best product since your skin thrives on both to keep it looking exactly as you planned.

Surface Plain: Eating right helps skin look superb

As much as the average women centers quite extensively on makeup and skin care products to the point that the industry is a billion dollar one, you’d be hard pressed not to look for other alternatives to keeping your skin looking and feeling great, minus the larger scale price tag.

Anti aging cream, such as Roc brand, Jergens and others of that ilk, tend to give women peace of mind knowing that as you get older, the sun gets brighter and hotter or your skin has the equivalent of dish pan hands: cracked, oily or even a little older than you’d like.

But as much as you want to keep that younger, vibrant look a reality for as long as possible, you can’t underestimate the power of other means of keeping skin looking and feeling the part of a teenager or 20 something women versus being a little older and, perhaps, a little wiser.

That wisdom comes from realizing that as much facial scrub and anti everything options, you still can’t be lax in one element of skin care that often is overlooked: food.

How you eat can play into keeping you young forever and your skin tight and supple well into your middle aged self.

So do foods actually contribute to aging your skin prematurely?


Anything that would be considered spicy could hinder your skin, as some experts argue that it causes body inflammation that shows in your skin with red, patchy marks that you simply can’t ignore based on poor food choices.

Sugar and drinks or foods loaded with artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame or sucralose that you’d find in soda, makes skin look tough and harder, losing that softer appeal that you’re searching for from your skin.

On that same note, coffee also is wonderful if you need a morning or afternoon pick me up, but coffee is known to dehydrate the body and make skin look old, tired and much more worn out than it actually is.

Furthermore, fatty foods clog pores just by eating burgers, French fries or anything high in fat content. That means skin looks oily but also can appear much older. Not only do you pack on the pounds but also the years, apparently.

And when all else fails from food, fall back on a simple routine or regimen you’ve followed (or been told to) since you were a kid: wash your face before bed. That gets rid of all the dirt and extenuating pollution that has piled up on your face, while you’re working to not stuff yours with all the wrong food.

Classical Music: Certain springtime vintage looks get nice upgrades

Harken back to a day when spring meant school letting out just around the corner, temperatures warming up just enough to lose the heavy duty winter coats and bust out a lighter jacket or a breezy fare of clothing that lends itself toward transitioning away from cold and into the summer nights you knew and loved decades ago.

One of the more popular pieces was the old bomber jacket that had a look and feel of a letterman’s coat that perhaps your boyfriend would wear at school, and you’d partake in putting it on at night. For women, the bomber jacket had its place 20 or 30 years ago, but that was one piece of clothing that had trouble making a comeback, much the same way most fashion does in the cyclical nature that it is.

The bomber, however, is back or at least is inching its way into your closet again, but minus the huge high school lettering or those jackets of the oversized ilk worn by your high school football player boyfriend.
We’re talking about a chic and stylish bomber jacket for spring that sells itself with the two tone color look and feel (think white with a pink, purple or blue color to it) and having that paired with a soft, sheer blouse as part of an ensemble that goes great with a skirt and some fashionable shoes, most likely heels or flat tennis shoes.

The bomber has been reestablished as a pairing winner as not only does it work with the blouse and skirt combo, but also can be used for spring when put together with sandals and some black stretch capri (yoga) pants for a look that is youthful and exuberant and makes that quick trip out or the dress down days that much more desirable, versus pajama pants and whatever else isn’t tied down in the closet.

The tennis shoe look goes great with your bomber and sweat pants, as long as these aren’t “the” sweatpants, the ones you have painted in and slept in and are hanging on to their last piece of cotton or polyester fiber.

To say the bomber is once again the bomb might be pushing it just a bit, but this old throwback, “Grease” like style has been resurrected and revealed to be quite accessible and gives a whole new meaning to the world universal.

Top Sneaker Trends for 2015

Sneakers come in a wide variety of colors and designs. They can serve a variety of purposes, as well. They can give one stability during a sporting event, or they can protect a person at work. Sneakers can add a colorful, eccentric or retroactive flair to an individual’s personality, as well. Modern consumers have a large assortment of inventory from which they can choose. The following are some unique sneaker trends that one may be interested in for the upcoming year:

Elaborate Hi-Tops by Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti has an enormous line of designer sneakers for persons who have the resources for such footwear. His most intriguing pair of sneakers is the blue leather hi-top sneaker that has a chain strap around it for design. The sneaker is made of 100 percent leather and rubber, and it features lace-up fastening and zip fastening. The colors in the design are remarkable. The price tag for the sneakers is $1,196.

Sneaker Boots

Sneaker boots are becoming increasingly popular because they can serve a dual purpose, and they have a unique fashion appeal. Converse has a line of sneaker boots. Its most attractive boot is the Pinecone colored boot. The Black boot comes in at a strong second. The Converse Boot is leather with Thinsulate insulation. Thinsulate is a synthetic fiber that many manufacturers use inside of winter clothing. Some automobile manufacturers use Thinsulate for vehicle roofs, as well. Thinsulate is said to provide a high level of warmth for the consumer. The Converse Boots have a price tag of $80, which is much more affordable than the previously mentioned footwear is.

Knee-High Sneaker Boots

Women may appreciate canvas knee-high sneaker boots. Manufacturers such as West Blvd. have mixed the concept of high boots and canvas shoes to create a groundbreaking fashion trend. The West Blvd. collection of knee-high lace-up sneaker boots is made of synthetic canvas, and it does not contain any animal products. Shoppers can find these trendy boots in colors such as pink, black, blue, plaid, purple, leopard and more. The price for the boots ranges from a mere $10 to almost $40. Bilun Girls makes an interesting pair that resembles the Converse style.

Many fashion trends can be found in a modern sneaker. Shoppers can have a ton of fun searching for contemporary styles that change the way people think about casual footwear.

Mixing and Matching Clothing to Make Unique Fashion Statements

Mixing and matching wardrobe items can make a woman stand out in a crowd of competitors. Creating one’s own style will draw the attention of passersby and members of the opposite gender. The process can also give a girl a chance to tinker with her artistic side. The following contains a few ideas for mixing and matching clothes.

The Art of Mixing and Matching

The art of mixing and matching begins with courage and boldness. A woman has to be willing to take a step outside the norm to create a signature style. She can mix and match styles one of two ways. The first way is to mix and match colors. The second way is to mix and match entire styles. For example, conservative and provocative styles can go together and create a hypnotizing female business woman. An example of this style would be black business slacks with red satin pumps and a red Cami tank. The business woman can tone down the Cami’s blaze just a bit by wearing an open white button-down shirt in either white or black. The look will appeal to the opposite gender, but it will not take away from the female’s professionalism.

Mix and Match Colors and Jeans

A woman can mix and match jeans, shoes and shirt colors, as well. Manufacturers create denim jeans in a wide variety of colors nowadays. Therefore, a playful woman can have tons of fun purchasing blue, beige, pink, white, red, and purple jeans. She could then shop for t-shirts or form-fitting V-neck shirts in different variations of the colors that match her jeans. The shoes or sneakers will be the icing on the cake so to speak. Thousands of shoe stores exist with wide assortments of shoe and sneaker colors. She could wear a different playful casual combination every day of the week.

Mixing Printed Clothes and Solid Clothes

Mixing prints and solids is an idea that usually ends well. A black skirt with a flowery design can have a wide variety of accents with it. A woman can add a tank top that matches one of the flower colors and/or a blouse that matches one of the other colors. She can even top it off with a pair of colorful (or black) leggings.

Many mixing and matching possibilities exist. Fashion has no laws. Allowing one’s imagination to run wild can set trends that turn into long-term fads.

The Trade

Sometimes, when making a fashion change you need to make a trade and trade off old things that are comfortable for new things that will be an experience.  A good idea is to look at fashion mags, watch Fashion Police and brush up on what’s new before making the leap to find something that is a look you will trade an old look off for.

For instance, before devoting yourself to the skinny jeans look you need to buy one cheap pair from say Target and see how you like them, if they fit in your lifestyle and if it’s a look you should wear.  I am not tall so finding the “right” pair of skinny jeans is paramount if I’d like to look elegant versus an Oompa Loompa.  I bought my first pair at Walmart and was shocked to see how well I liked them.  I buy jeggings because they smooth over my curves and not cut into them.  I can chase the children in them or grab a pair of heels and go out with my husband.  I have a large rump and the jeggins usually cover me where regular jeans had to have a curvy cut in order to fit correctly.

Trading an old look for a new look is so good when it comes to looking and feeling good.

Bidi Fashion

To really define my personal style I’d have to say you’d need to visit the Continent and do some shopping.  I’d pick up a sari in India, a great wool blazer from England and perhaps some great scarves in Paris.  I like a certain dangerous element in my dressing with a wholesome Dutch influence that is colorful and edgy.    On one trip to China I picked up their version of batik cloth which was supposed to be a tablecloth but I wear it like a scarf.  It needs to be a summer scarf, though, because their fabric is best for warm weather as it will NOT keep in the heat.  I’d be warmer wearing a scarf made of tendu (leaf).

I like to have an eclectic feel to my clothing as it reminds me of my travels and experiences over my life.  It reminds me of all the times I visited missionaries or friends in Spain, Belgium and India.  It’s a good thing to show what makes you you.

Mules, Not Burros

I am so happy that mules are making a comeback.  They are part shoes, part flip flop.  They are the female version of the Alabama waterfall, business in the front party in the back.  I can wear them to work and kick them off under my desk.  What’s better than that, other than a Keurig at my desk?  The mules have been redone and are not the same as they used to be with the thick clog heels and buckled fronts.  Nowadays, mules are delicate and cute.  They can be pastel colored or even made of lace.  They can have spiked heels or low kitten heels.  They can be fun.

Mules can be worn with shorts, culottes (gag) and palazzo pants…as well as skinny jeans or even short skirts.  Please, please, please do not wear them with a long skirt EVER.  It didn’t look good in the 90’s and it will not look good now.  Anyone telling you it does is probably selling you the skirt or mules.

A Lesson From the Kardashians

My dad used to say “Even a broken clock is right twice a day”.  Which means sometimes you can get a great idea from an idiot, hence the Kardashian reference.  I recently began wearing belts again after a long furlough from going without belts due to being blessed in the backside region.  I felt a belt would draw attention to my derriere in a negative way.  Well, since watching Kim rock the tight belt with a big rear I have decided to go for it and begin my belt journey again, but this time without the self-loathing luggage.

I have picked up a few things regarding belts.

1.  If you have a big backside a belt is important because most pants are made for someone with no hips or butt and without a belt the pants have that huge gap in the back when one sits.

2.  With a big rear even when you do not sit you may still have a big gap in the back of the pants.

3.  I am so glad that I have butt dimples because when either way the view is great!