Election Fashion

Do you remember a few short years ago when everyone was ooohing and aaahing over Michelle Obama’s short sleeve fashion the same way old Italian women fawn over cannoli?  I do.  She was being held up as the new Jackie Kennedy simply because she was so fashion forward for bearing her upper arms (scandal).  Well, Michelle has done it again.  She has excited the media the way a burger excites a foodie.  Mrs. Obama has a new hairstyle!!!  Yes, news people everywhere have stopped relaying vital tidbits of political fodder for Michelle’s newest style change.  Actually, I am completely okay with it because for once everyone can all agree on something…Michelle’s hair looks GREAT!!!  Not that it didn’t before but it was just a timely and fashionable change.  Way to go, Michelle.  The country salutes you for your tireless journey of supporting the first man and doing it looking ab fab!


Recently, I toured the Smithsonian of Natural History.  I got to see lots of gemstones (Harry Winston had an expo) and one of the most unique exhibits was the First Ladies Gowns.  It’s interesting to see how each decade AND economic turn changed fashion.  I also thought it was silly to have Mrs. Reagan’s and Mrs. Obama’s gowns next to each other when there was such a size difference.  As much as I liked Reagan his wife was itty bitty and next to Mrs. Obama’s statuesque gown Nancy looked downright hobbit-ish.   I found it rude that whomever set up Mrs. Obama’s dress and shoes did not bother cleaning her shoes as her shoes looked as if someone with dirty feet had run around in them.  Just goes to prove the point that no matter who’s on first there’s no respect for them.


Did you know that Paris may set the fashion standard, but DC sets the fashion tone?  Paris may say this season everyone wears boots but DC will decide if they are flashy or somber?  Yes, the economic climate is usually directly influenced by DC.  Politicians will decide exactly how long your skirt will be this season.  If the economy rises so will your hem.  If the economy rises your hair will lighten.  The opposite is true if the economy goes down.  Bad economy, longer skirts and darker hair.  Gone are the highlights of a few years ago.  Everyone is bottle dyeing their hair or sporting the new ombre effect.  I think it signifies the uncertainty of our economy and the cornucopia in the not too distant past…or everyone is just plain tired of highlights.  But in the middle of all of this, we can all agree that Mrs. Obama’s new hairstyle looks great.



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