Nardo’s Naturals

Who doesn’t love a little greek…or a big greek for that matter?  Have you heard of Nardo’s Natural?  This is an all natural beauty company that runs from chap stick to lotions.  They have great fragrances and most of the products are made of coconut oil, olive oil and other products that grow freely in the Florida area.

They have a complete skincare program that is impeccable and the lotion is to die for.  The shea butter products melt into the skin and the sandalwood fragrances delight the nose, and the Nardo’s men aren’t hard on the eyes, either. Like I said before, who doesn’t like a greek?  Florida has a greek presence, they all migrated here turn of the last century to help farm the sponges off Tarpon Springs and they have been making us locals happy ever since.  Whether that is from the food or the attractive people it’s anyone’s guess but we Floridians love them…we have gladly accepted them and their great smelling products.  And now, you, too can have some greek in your home with Nardo’s Natural.

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