Natural Beauty: How to look stunning with subtle makeup choices

The phrase “less is better” has applied to countless situations or settings, but have you ever considered that mantra for your makeup choices, namely how you apply foundation.

Makeup often times can be balancing act that goes far too much to the side of using far more than you need to for a variety of reasons.

So many wonderful products, so little surface area to work with, or perhaps you just have something about how you do your makeup that plays into an insecurity you believe present with your skin. Maybe you just like the way it looks, too.

But when it comes to foundation, you have to think opposite of what the word itself “foundation” actually would suggest. If you’re building a foundation for a home, you often hear the term “solid foundation,” but makeup is a tad different.

Sure, the foundation should be rock solid, but that doesn’t always mean overkill is in the works, either. Sometimes thinking less often leads to more of a blend with your skin tone and a more subtle way to pull off that glowing face, minus the caked on look that could permeate as a result of wearing your foundation incorrectly.

Powdered foundation often is one of the more reliable culprits as it doesn’t adhere well to your face or the subsequent makeup you’re about to add. The liquid foundations are more natural looking, quite frankly, and are more compatible with various forms of makeup more so than the powdered alternative.

Again, using the building a house analogy, foundation is key but it only works when you dig, level and then build. In the case of foundation as far as makeup application goes, you can’t put on foundation if your skin isn’t ready for it.

By that, you’ll want to wash it thoroughly and make sure it is bone dry. Also, if you have patches of dry skin that are more noticeable than other spots on your face, try an overnight mask or a treatment before you apply makeup. The 24 hours could make a world of difference to how that foundation stays put. Moisturizing helps more than you’d imagine and often overlooked in general and specifically in this situation. Anything you can do to clean, prep and then start applying foundation is going to be night and day versus skin that is oily, rigid and dry.

Foundation is so paramount to piecing together the look you want, and your makeup will thank you for giving it a platform to work as advertised and leave you looking your very best.