Falling Stars: Cooler temperatures only bring more sizzle to your style

Fall is one of the more unique seasons in relationship to women’s fashion, specifically just how eclectic of a look you can adopt given that the warmer temperatures haven’t totally evaporated but it’s just cool enough out to start thinking outwear, long sleeves and other pieces of that ilk.

But rest assured that this season is ready to come out swinging with a barrage of items women will love but in the same breath hardly settling on assuming that everything long sleeved or short sleeved, cropped or cliché is going to be acceptable, either.

Would you have thought that certain perceived outdated clothing or oversized pieces would be all the rage? The track suit, the oversized sweats (pants and tops) are starting to find new life this season with women, blending the comfortability and classy piece right before our eyes, a hybrid that all women will be swooning over this Fall.

And as far as that tracksuit is concerned, you can’t overlook that velvet is back and better than ever, whether you’re talking about that ensemble or shoes as well.

The real draw of the Fall fashion trend seems to rely a lot on dressing that is casual and easy, dresses that flow and not form fitting and patterns being more popular than solid colors at this very moment.

That casual dress also applies to what can only be considered somewhat groundbreaking as far as denim is concerned. Most of the top fashion brands are giving us denim that is unique and somewhat falls into that comfortable look that was mentioned previously with other pieces. Today’s denim is more about looking like a home economics class for beginners in some respects with jeans portraying a very ragged, brought look to them. Some look as those they were pieced together like a grandmother’s quilt, with some patches different colors than the entirety of the jeans themselves.

And as long as we’re on the subject of denim, you can’t begin to look past denim jackets as well being a hot item that was once old and is now new again. Coats in general for practical reasons will begin to be purchased in the next few months to combat colder temperatures as winter approaches but the hot looks focus on a military style of jacket, lots of buttons and looks very structured and stylish, a bit different than the comfort that almost certainly has defined Fall fashion.

The best way to describe the direction women’s fashion is going in the Fall is to simply say it really doesn’t have any. And, don’t take that as a bad thing but rather a sign that style and fashion for Fall is flawless in a fiery, unpredictable way.

How to find right moisturizer for right price


Moisturizers have quite the tall task ahead of them for the most part as women have so many choices and very little time to make educated decisions.
They may rely on someone they know who’s giving them their opinion.

They may fall back on the person who just gave them a relaxing, soothing facial on their spa day, and what is available at the front desk before they leave for the day.

Or, there’s the inevitable advertising and marketing that trots out one female celebrity after another who touts that this moisturizers from this company is going to make their skin look just as famous and fabulous as theirs (not thinking of course that they’re a paid spokesperson and most likely don’t use the product themselves).

Much the same way the general public views everything from car commercials to weight loss ads promising us the world, you have the same dilemma when it comes to moisturizers. Add to that the average consumer wanting to have flawless, age defying skin for a price that is right and one that isn’t going to break the bank but also lead to some sort of skin breakout in the process, because you went too cheap with your choice.

For moisturizers that give you the best of both worlds (results and price), you might find yourself looking in places that aren’t necessarily the product counter at Macy’s or the special section set aside for Sephora.

Instead, think outside the box and look for bargains that are better then the higher end product price wise but yet still will deliver the moisturizing marvel you’re hoping for each time you use it. Forever 21 is first on our list with their superbly inexpensive moisturizer that hydrates and comes in at less than $10.
From the unknown and remarkable option at Forever 21 to a name that is synonymous with moisturizer and cosmetics in general: Clinique. Almost everything that has that brand name on it is worthwhile, no matter what type of product you’re staring at on the shelves. Clinique has a variety of moisturizers but the one staple that comes in under $20 is the lotion called “Dramatically Different,” and with good reason. It’s remarkable and keeps skin looking firm, young and healthy.

When it comes to moisturizers you can’t help but feel a little confused. But when you look closer, you have to make sure the name is one you can trust but the price works, too. Ingredients such as antioxidants and sunscreen also should be huge flags that you’ve found the best product since your skin thrives on both to keep it looking exactly as you planned.

Dream Team: Why some odd clothing styles pair well together

Sometimes the oddest of couples make the best pairing.

You can think of the television show, “The Odd Couple,” as the entertainment version of this hypothesis or you can look to sports, food or other mismatches that, when all is said and done, make beautiful music together.

Why would fashion be any different?
Of course, you can’t overlook those pairings that never work, the most famous ones being the like of socks and sandals or always popular blazer or women’s sport coat and those worldly traveled yoga pants that are so easy to wear, yet hardly appropriate in all situations.

But let’s for a minute talk about what does work: the pairings that once were popular and then dismissed but have returned better and bolder (and more popular) then ever.

Take for instance the once beloved 90s trend of wearing a white T shirt underneath a tank top, something that young men rocked in the 1990s (mostly the white T shirt under a basketball jersey), but women also made that look famous with the very thin, spaghetti strap tank look just as desired.

Today, that look has returned with every female celebrity and socialite opting to pull off the early to mid 1990s wardrobe with great ease and functionality, especially with summer having arrived. While some might argue that the look is still outdated or harkens back to a time when pegged pants and pleats also were all the rage, you can’t argue that the fashion trend has awoken in just about every photo featuring anyone that matters or those who are lauded for their love of fashion and who are equally good at wearing just about anything.

Simply put, if they’re wearing it, it must be back in style.

The truth of the matter is as much as the celebrity endorsement helps, you can take just a quick glance at the ensemble and realize that it pairs nicely with skinny jeans and heels or a pair of khaki shorts.

Another wildly popular odd couple in the fashion world are suspenders paired dubbed to pair up with skirts. This is an extremely wanted and desired clothing style for the summer month and surprisingly it doesn’t look out of place or odd whatsoever.

While some styles aren’t meant to come back from the dead, just like some clothes are meant to stay completely separate from one another, you can’t underestimate just how a particular fashion movement or articles of clothing can either return to the forefront or work wonders together.

Surface Plain: Eating right helps skin look superb

As much as the average women centers quite extensively on makeup and skin care products to the point that the industry is a billion dollar one, you’d be hard pressed not to look for other alternatives to keeping your skin looking and feeling great, minus the larger scale price tag.

Anti aging cream, such as Roc brand, Jergens and others of that ilk, tend to give women peace of mind knowing that as you get older, the sun gets brighter and hotter or your skin has the equivalent of dish pan hands: cracked, oily or even a little older than you’d like.

But as much as you want to keep that younger, vibrant look a reality for as long as possible, you can’t underestimate the power of other means of keeping skin looking and feeling the part of a teenager or 20 something women versus being a little older and, perhaps, a little wiser.

That wisdom comes from realizing that as much facial scrub and anti everything options, you still can’t be lax in one element of skin care that often is overlooked: food.

How you eat can play into keeping you young forever and your skin tight and supple well into your middle aged self.

So do foods actually contribute to aging your skin prematurely?


Anything that would be considered spicy could hinder your skin, as some experts argue that it causes body inflammation that shows in your skin with red, patchy marks that you simply can’t ignore based on poor food choices.

Sugar and drinks or foods loaded with artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame or sucralose that you’d find in soda, makes skin look tough and harder, losing that softer appeal that you’re searching for from your skin.

On that same note, coffee also is wonderful if you need a morning or afternoon pick me up, but coffee is known to dehydrate the body and make skin look old, tired and much more worn out than it actually is.

Furthermore, fatty foods clog pores just by eating burgers, French fries or anything high in fat content. That means skin looks oily but also can appear much older. Not only do you pack on the pounds but also the years, apparently.

And when all else fails from food, fall back on a simple routine or regimen you’ve followed (or been told to) since you were a kid: wash your face before bed. That gets rid of all the dirt and extenuating pollution that has piled up on your face, while you’re working to not stuff yours with all the wrong food.

Shoe-In: Why summertime is all about the sandal

Spring and summer, for women as far as shoes go, is hands down the season of the sandal.

While that comment certainly is no revelation as it relates to fashion, women and those seasons, you have seen the sandal change as far as its style goes and the popularity of it, but this season that simply won’t happen.

The sandal is superbly welcomed by the masses.

But this year’s sandal for women isn’t quite what you’d expect. When you think sandal, you think flat, between the toes and rarely anything that strikes quite the pose when it is on your foot.

The lace up sandal is the hot shoe of the spring and eventually summer this season, and with good reason. The sandal with that style pops, it is an eye catcher and can’t be overlooked.

The lace up sandal also is unique in how it’s being presented this year, mostly because the sandal scores big with the crowd that likes the idea of dressing down but not missing a beat, either.

So often, you have a hard time finding sandals that you can wear in the spring and summer that don’t look like you’re just tossing something on your feet. The lace up manages to bridge the gap between wearing a long, flowing summer dress and not having to look like you’re dressing down, for example, thanks to the lace up sandal look.

They’re stylish but also look like they could be paired with a more upscale evening attire, and the sandals simply wouldn’t look out of place.

Even the retailers and manufacturers are getting in on the game, as well.

Think about names and brands like Nine West and others of that ilk are playing into the lace up sandal crowd but mostly thanks to runways around the world churning out this sandal this season in ways that match them with quite the color (red, purple seem to be the best and most popular choices for the summer, along with white and teal).

This isn’t to suggest that you still can’t have your sandals in more of a flip flop kind of way but the true revelation is the lace up sandal is lovable due to its versatility, comfortability and the overall ability to be able to step out and look like a million bucks, even if you’re trying to downplay the look that you simply can’t overlook.

Classical Music: Certain springtime vintage looks get nice upgrades

Harken back to a day when spring meant school letting out just around the corner, temperatures warming up just enough to lose the heavy duty winter coats and bust out a lighter jacket or a breezy fare of clothing that lends itself toward transitioning away from cold and into the summer nights you knew and loved decades ago.

One of the more popular pieces was the old bomber jacket that had a look and feel of a letterman’s coat that perhaps your boyfriend would wear at school, and you’d partake in putting it on at night. For women, the bomber jacket had its place 20 or 30 years ago, but that was one piece of clothing that had trouble making a comeback, much the same way most fashion does in the cyclical nature that it is.

The bomber, however, is back or at least is inching its way into your closet again, but minus the huge high school lettering or those jackets of the oversized ilk worn by your high school football player boyfriend.
We’re talking about a chic and stylish bomber jacket for spring that sells itself with the two tone color look and feel (think white with a pink, purple or blue color to it) and having that paired with a soft, sheer blouse as part of an ensemble that goes great with a skirt and some fashionable shoes, most likely heels or flat tennis shoes.

The bomber has been reestablished as a pairing winner as not only does it work with the blouse and skirt combo, but also can be used for spring when put together with sandals and some black stretch capri (yoga) pants for a look that is youthful and exuberant and makes that quick trip out or the dress down days that much more desirable, versus pajama pants and whatever else isn’t tied down in the closet.

The tennis shoe look goes great with your bomber and sweat pants, as long as these aren’t “the” sweatpants, the ones you have painted in and slept in and are hanging on to their last piece of cotton or polyester fiber.

To say the bomber is once again the bomb might be pushing it just a bit, but this old throwback, “Grease” like style has been resurrected and revealed to be quite accessible and gives a whole new meaning to the world universal.

Fashionable Upgrades: How to turn stylish on a budget

The words “stylish” and “budget” seemingly don’t go hand in hand.

If you ask women if they can try to be fashionable and not have a whole lot in the way of extra cash, you might be hard pressed to get them to buy into that theory.

Sure, you’ve seen plenty of magazines, stories and even television shows that show a particular look put together by an actress or musician that cost thousands and that you can have for hundreds.

They’re shopping at Dolce, and you’re trying to match and emulate that look at Target or Walmart.

Alas, ladies, that seems pretty tough of a sale, one that you just simply can’t rally behind.

But from a fashion sense, what you can believe in is finding particular looks and styles that look as though they cost a small fortune when in actuality they’re affixed with a price tag that is downright reasonable if not completely shocking when you think about just how hot this particular piece of fashion is at the moment.

Something so simple often can be overlooked, such as the way you simply wear your purse. Fashion experts agree that the new, hip way to wear your purse (any purse, really) is to have it under your arm and stretched across your body, almost the same way you’d wear a computer bag or satchel.

That look hardly is dependent on money but rather adjusting where you’re wearing this accessory. That same sash look is super exciting and in style with coats that have what appears to be a scarf but actually is fur that only looks the part.
The easy and less expensive way to forgo the fur coat is to buy any old scarf and turn it into the appearance of that aforementioned coat.

Part of what makes fashion so fun and flavorful is that you can take something as simple as a T shirt and dress it up. And, you don’t have to make it a T shirt that cost $50 but rather one that is around $10, as long as you’ve opted to pair it with a pair of jeans that are tight around the ankles and a longer, cardigan style sweater that stretches down past your waist and almost whispering past the knees (but not quite). Finish that off with a pair of high heels and some fun, flirty and fashionable plastic bracelets that boast some serious color, and you have a look that is desired without deeming it too expensive to enjoy.

And you can say the same thing about any of those looks, or any looks in general, when you have an eye for fashion, money isn’t going to keep you from looking and living the part.

Swim Worn: Why retro rules for women’s bathing suits this summer

If you love to shop, can’t get enough bathing suits, in some cases one for every time you lay next to the pool, you know exactly what Miami Swim Week is.

Think of it as fashion week for everything that is summertime swim oriented, and a mainstay to let women of all shapes, sizes and ages know exactly what is considered hot for this upcoming summer.

But when you think of summer, women’s fashion and swim suits, you think about less being more, but that isn’t exactly the temperament this year. Yes, bathing suits aren’t like they were a hundred years ago when one piece was the first, last and only piece of solving the puzzle that is your summertime, by the pool, wardrobe.

This year, this season, the women’s bathing suit sends out vibes that are equal parts stylish and sexy, but you can’t underestimate vintage being the vixen that we all want this summer.

Take for instance the high waisted bathing suit bottom, almost forgotten or harkening back to a day when your grandmother once visited the local swimming pool in her neighborhood, but that high waist in the form of a swimsuit gets high praise from a fashion stand point this summer and scorched the earth at Miami Swim Week, 2016. Don’t misunderstand, however, that the high waisted bikini briefs are being paired with a second piece (this isn’t your grand mother’s one piece by any means) in the form of a bikini top and also a sheer top, camisole type cover to keep your shoulders from the sunburn for a moment until you reveal what is one of the hotter styles in women’s fashion this summer season.

In keeping with the throwback style, some bathing suits still are showing some skin but with a different take on that aforementioned one piece: the cut outs. Bathing suits are full body and beautiful with the sides cut out to show off that midsection in sections, namely the obliques that give you a glimpse at that tight, toned stomach but still leaves a lot to the imagination.

From a color standpoint, you have to love that the orange and yellows are back in what can be described as an extension of spring time colors being whisked from one season to another, particularly the orange which is a slice of heaven paired with a darker blue color that says University of Florida and would even make the polarizing Tim Tebow blush and wish he was back in college for spring break.

Bathing suits will forever scream summer, but this year’s take is vintage and a fresh take on an older style that still scores big with women.

Back in Saddle: Certain fashion trends for women return to form

When it comes to fashion, women specifically, what’s old doesn’t stay old very long.

Trends are only as good as the celebrity or designer that endorses them, or if they’ve made their way to the runway or Fashion Week in any of the major cities.

Certain clothing is timeless, while other styles have ways of rearing their heads (not ugly ones) when you least expect it.
And yet somehow, they look surprisingly great in 2016 even if they first came to the fashion forefront 20 or so years earlier.
Case in point, women are now flocking toward pants that have a wider leg and an all over print, something that could be mistaken for the 70s thanks to the flare at the bottom or the 90s with that print style that is as busy as possible.

The bellbottom style in general has found new life, too, as flare jeans made a brief comeback in the early 2000s, but then quickly were replaced by stretch pants and ankle hugging jeans. The style that made the 70s is now being reintroduced to a new audience and the masses this year all over again.

Now you could easily argue that denim never went away, and has been popular for the long haul, but some forms of denim haven’t exactly stood the test of time. Let’s take for instance the love hate relationship you have with two pieces of denim specifically: jean jackets and fringe jeans at the bottom.

Be honest with yourself, you obviously had a jean jacket at some point in your life. Everyone did, whether you were a kid in the 1980s or a young, teenage adult that rocked the jean jacket every Friday at the mall, you loved your denim coat.

That wasn’t always the case as the jean jacket often was ridiculed as the 1980s turned into the 90s and more so in the 2000s and beyond, but 2016 (spring specifically) has seen a flashback come to life with the jean jacket back into the fold this season.
Fringe denim is also on the rise, and plenty of Pinterest at home fashion designers have learned the ins and outs of how to do the fringe for themselves at home for a fraction of the cost. No matter how you slice it, the fringe is finally back.

You could call these pieces timeless in some respects, but that would suggest they’ve never gone away. Instead, you might want to refer to them as the comeback kids.

At least for now.

Makeup or Breakup? A guy’s viewpoint on buying for his girlfriend

Every guy has found themselves in that unenviable position as the person who is expected to buy a gift for his girlfriend, fiancée or wife, and simply has no clue what to purchase at that particular moment.

Perhaps nothing is quite as daunting as attempting to buy clothes for a significant other, but even more challenging is capturing the kind of makeup they’d like to have.

Makeup can be difficult simply because most women prefer to buy their own and are super specific to exactly what they want, and wouldn’t trust anyone other than themselves so that doesn’t bode well for the boyfriend or husband in this situation.
Makeup is so incredibly personal for so many reasons, mainly because a lot of time and effort, research and understanding as to what looks the best on them, no matter how much it costs Price isn’t an option when it comes to makeup; it’s the kind of accessory that she’ll buy at all costs and won’t skimp like she would for maybe a piece of clothing that might not be the designer name but she can score something similar at Target, for instance.

When it comes to makeup, there’s no “similar.” A fella wants what you want and what looks best.

So, it seems as though buying cosmetics for a girlfriend or wife might be a little too daunting of a task? That said, a guy knows that makeup might make your day, and be the gift that shows he was paying attention during all those trips to the mall.

And that really is what it boils down to from a cosmetics standpoint for makeup for a lady. Did he watch carefully when you were putting on your makeup (not stare awkwardly of course) and see what you use? When you peel off to go to the Sephora counter, did he make a bee line for Dick’s Sporting Goods or the food court? Did he stick around you, keep a close eye on what you are picking up and falling in love with, rather than being oblivious to the entire situation and assuming he will never have to buy makeup.
That’s like thinking he will never have to grocery shop and then the time comes and he is standing clueless in the kitchen. And even if he doesn’t see you shopping for makeup, he should be getting ready for you someday saying, “I’m out of this” or “I really love this new eyeshadow.”

That’s when a guy’s ears shoudl perk up.

Some makeup palettes are winners across the board, too (the Urban Decay Naked line comes to mind right away), and those are easy buys and loved by women for the most part, so researching isn’t a bad option, either.

So guys, when the time comes for gift giving or just a thoughtful thank you for no reason, you don’t have to steer clear of makeup. Buying it will be welcomed and thoroughly appreciated by your girlfriend or wife because it shows you were paying attention and thus thought outside of the typical gift box.