Relevant Rapport: Why some fashion seems to have real staying power

Wouldn’t it be great if women’s fashion, for the average person, could stay the same?

Now, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck in a certain decade or clothing style to the point that your flared jeans from the 1970s never had a “down” period but rather if certain pieces of clothing are staples to the point where they seemingly never go out of style and are always relevant to the point where they have something most pieces of clothing don’t.

Staying power.

As much as you assume most clothing, fashion or style pieces only have so much shelf life, some articles of clothing, accessories, tops or bottoms stand the test of time, and those are what most women tend to buy as the tent poles of sorts and then begin building out from those items.

For instance, think about your outwear, the kind of jacket or coat that can be a win for women and can have duality in that you can pair it with dress clothes but also pull it out of the closet as you’re racing out the door in jeans and a sweatshirt. One article of clothing that fits that mold is the women’s trench coat, the tan, khaki version.

Another article of clothing that, ten times out of ten, will be in the closet of a woman is the classic, time tested and terrific white, long sleeved button up dress shirt. The fabric of the shirt can be anything from sheer to cotton, but the fact remains that this shirt can be paired with jeans, dress pants, sneakers or pumps, without so much as a flinch from a fashion expert all the way down to your best friend who compliments you on how many times you’ve worn the shirt, and that be a good thing.

Finally, how many times have you seen a party invitation or had a black dress event that asked you to wear just that in both instances? That’s why the black dress is always something you should have on deck so to speak and be readily available for just that reason. Every woman has been in that predicament when they have to find a dress for a party where the dress code is upscale, and they go back to a favorite of theirs when they aren’t exactly in the right frame of mind to scour their closets. The black dress is always the salvation for style they turn to in that instance.

As cyclical as fashion can be, there is some clothing that bucks that notion quite well.