Spring Timing: Why your closet is asking to be cleaned out

We’ve all heard the term spring cleaning, and for the majority of people it means tossing aside what you don’t use, what you haven’t used in a while or perhaps a lot of items that can be better served as part of a garage sale.

But have you ever thought about spring cleaning as it relates to cleaning out your closets and getting yourself better prepared for this particular season as far as fashion goes?

Most women are quite adept at being able to cycle their clothing fairly easily and quickly, but you can’t argue the point that some of our clothing tends to linger, with a propensity to hang on to what we believe to be fashionable but has worn out its welcome.

Case in point for spring: plaid has supplanted the plain, solid colored tops this season, and along with your boring shirts going bye bye, you can say so long to your pumps and hello to your flats.

Another top that is taking center stage isn’t your sporty and fun tank as that has been outperformed by something that spring has wrapped its seasonable arms around, and that is the camisole top that is lacy and remarkably lovely.

Pants are more of the same with a tweak of sorts to what you already love: crop pants. Only instead of a tapered look, you’ll want to focus on the crop flare as your fancy, and that simply means you’ll have a little more room around your lower leg and exhibit a flare for the flare. Those longer flare pants aren’t as reveled as spring arrives.

As for accessories, spring is all about the backpack. Yes, you can harken back to the days of school, only instead of some ridiculously clumsy and nylon backpack you can sport a stylish version of the modern day backpack, complete with some sort of flare in the form of a studded look (gold is a hot option this spring).

Jewelry is another point of interest with small being the big seller this spring. Gone are the large, gaudy rings and necklaces in favor of something a little more understated, yet wholeheartedly amazing with its appeal, minus the eye popping nature of what looks like costume jewelry due to its size.

Spring is all about rebirth, new beginnings and being able to change what you didn’t so much like during colder temperatures. Your fashion and style should speak to birds chirping, flowers growing and all things spring including your much-needed foray into your forgettable closet.