Sweater Invested: How to know what sweater works for Fall?

Any woman who has tried to assemble some sort of Fall fashion wardrobe knows they simply can’t overlook or, in some cases, avoid one particular item as the weather cools but yet still wanting your style to stay red hot.

Say hello to either your best friend or your enemy: the sweater.

The problem, or why you’d refer to the sweater as an avoidance, is because this particular garment can be everything you hate about clothing, starting with the fabric and ending with buying the type that can make you look bigger and frumpier than you’d ever want to be.

But you love what the sweater signifies: it’s Fall, leaves are changing and the weather is cool, brilliantly comfortable, just like your sweater, and even when winter rolls through, the sweater is all about practically keeping you warm.

So how does one find a sweater that suits them with all the positives and yet finds a way to dismiss the negatives? For starters, the sweater has to get past a lot of misconceptions, such as the idea of it being oversized as a bad thing or that wearing a sweater means you’ve essentially decided to give up on the day from a fashion standpoint, so you’re throwing in the towel by tossing on a top that isn’t rooted ini style.

Wrong, and wrong.

The sweater you want to focus on for this Fall are the styles that not only resonate with all women and yet still are lauded by those who intently read about Fashion Week and see all the trends.

This season’s sweater selection is superb, most of which at first glance look simple but actually have just enough flare to be flagged as differently exquisite. Take for instance two specific styles: the oversized sleeves and the off the shoulder look.

The oversized sleeves are showcased on an other wise simple crew or V neck sweater but the sleeves stand out as being exactly what you want out of a sweater: that style mixed so perfectly and effortlessly with comfort.

The off the shoulder look often is a sweater that is oversized, but when paired with a light colored camisole and skinny, straight legged jeans, you have a winning outfit ten times out of ten.

And as far as the color goes, you’d be hard pressed not to talk to a fashion expert who isn’t sold on pink as the color of choice this Fall.

So between pink being fun and flirty, and plenty of styles to choose from that are anything but plain, you’d be wise not to sweat, or sweater, the small stuff and feel free to wear with unbridled confidence.