Worn In: What women are wearing right this second

If you blink, you might miss it. The “it” is women’s fashion and what women are wearing right as this very second, because fashion is so fast paced that what is hot one season is completely not the next, and with that, you’ll have those stylish trends for most likely a short amount of time, so why not enjoy these looks while you can.

For starters, if you’ve noticed a lot of missing hands, don’t be alarmed because that is just the fashion world for women telling you that extra long sleeves are back in style with a serious bang (and no, that isn’t the sound of your hand being blown off your body, so don’t fret).

Instead, long sleeves are all the rage at the moment, but be careful what you ultimately pair them with since long sleeves look baggy, of course, so you’ll want to match it with tighter fitting pants, jeans or even a skirt.

From shirts to accessories, have you examined your purse or handbag lately? If you’re still carrying around a purse or handbag that is medium size and the proverbial status quo, you might want to downsize a bit to stay trendy.

And relax, because we’re not suggesting you start getting rid of your beloved purses or handbags (second only to your shoes, right?) but rather start adding a little more contemporary to what you’re carrying.

The mini bags are becoming more popular, and women have flocked to them for two reasons: they’re chic and in style right now but also are forcing you to make some hard decisions about limiting what you feel you need to carry around from one day to the next.

The oversized bags, too, are working their magic and still remain a solid alternative to the mini, so large and small still work but stay away from what looks to be about average size.

Finally, for what is left of the cold, blustery winter, why not have a jacket that is totally current? The puffer jacket is jamming to its own beat, since oversized typically isn’t equated with stylish but this coat is king of the outerwear jungle, no doubt. It’s oversized but go with a specialized print and not a solid color and pair it with, well, anything since being cozy is never going out of style.

The fashion world doesn’t wait for anyone and is ever changing, so with that pay close attention to the here in now and take solace in knowing that you’ll at least be able to love and adore this style for as long as it is fashionable to do so.