Youth Movement: Start keeping your skin flawless even at 20-something

Much the same way your average 20 year old doesn’t think a whole lot about retirement or saving for it, you have to assume that a 20 year old woman isn’t exactly concerned overly about keeping her skin looking young.

Why, you ask? Well, mostly because you’re already young, so the idea of buying or spending money on products that promise you the fountain of youth seems to be falling on deaf ears.

At least for the moment.

If you’re in your 20s and you start saving for retirement, chances are you’ll have two things going for you: retiring early and having more money because you got out in front quite well of the whole saving money initiative.

The same could be said for the woman who is going to take great care of her skin even though being in your 20s would suggest that isn’t quite a huge priority at the moment.

So how exactly do you take care of your skin when you’re young? What steps would you take to get out in front of getting older by starting right away?

You’d be wise to, first and foremost, take inventory of the type of products you’re using as it relates to things like face wash and moisturizer. Let’s call it the ability to rid yourself of those childish products that you might be using.

Any woman in her 30s, 40s and 50s will tell you that face wash is something they take great pride in the what they use to wash their face. They’ll also be quick to point out that they don’t use plain, old soap on their face and rather seriously upgrade to something that is a little more rooted in the kind of ingredients you want to see in a “grown up” face wash, something that is going to strip the oil away from their face every time they use it, for example.

A good moisturizer also is going to make a huge difference, as well, and you should look for products rich in protective antioxidants to keep the skin in the best possible shape. Skin dries out easily, so the combination of a superb and competent face wash and a moisturizer is simply the recipe for youthful looking skin that, granted, is already young but definitely will stay that way for years to come.